Pearls of Wisdom - Page of Wands

Rede Seeker

A person of action on a stage receiving applause. Trumpets and torches and banners all around - subtly isn't this fellow's strong-point. Who is he/she really? There is a mask for every occasion. Perhaps that's the point - he/she isn't the focus, the message is. But he/she isn't just the messenger - the message is delivered through him/her, not by him/her. We see a 'one-man-show' on-stage - a sign of ambition and of courage - what if the audience doesn't like what he/she is here to tell them. At the moment, the message is well received.

Does the audience understand the message or are they just there for the entertainment? A downfall to this Page's theatrics is that he/she may not be taken seriously.

The heat of the stage is balanced by coolness of Mani, Full-Bright, in the sky above and the lake/harbor behind it. Interesting that the Page's head is framed by the coolness of the lake.

The theme of containment in the suit of Wands continues - for all the heat and flame imagery of the stage, a thin green band separates it from the audience. The highest of the flame-like banners has a green border. The Page's cape is clasped to his/her shoulders by green ornaments and the tunic has a green band at the bottom. The cool-glowing pearl-tipped wand is a living piece of wood - there are green leaves growing from it. The green trupets have flame-like fringe. We see fire with all it's destructive potential held in check somehow so these bits of greenery can co-exist with it.