Pearls Of Wisdom - Page of Cups

Rede Seeker

Pearls of Wisdom - Page of Cups

A young person, fresh-faced, rose-complected - beginning Life's adventure. He kneels on a grassy river bank, pouring crystal-blue liquid from his chalice into the river. There are goldfish in the river. The Page has brought some roses to the riverbank, some have fallen into the water - a gift perhaps?

Behind the Page, we see two Earth Spirits, one smiles, the other looks content. Both face the Page.

The sun forms a partial halo around the Page's head. He hasn't quite proven himself, but has begun the journey.

The Page holds the chalice with his left hand. His right hand is placed over his heart (and the heart-shaped applique on his tunic) - a sign of devotion.

Pearls appear at the top of the Page's cap, as earrings, as clasps for his cape, as a belt, low on his hips. Scattered wisdom? A sign of youth, but devoutly spent youth, ready for the next step.

The Rune Kenaz is marked on the right-hand column; Gebo is marked on the left.
Kenaz = First Aettir, sixth Rune = Physical Transformation
Gebo = First Aettir, seventh Rune = Generosity
Kenaz + Gebo = 6 + 7 = 13 = Eihwaz = Initiation

Our Page will have a hard go of it - Kenaz is a fire-Rune. The physical changes will be painful for this Page, but he accepts that challenge for the common good (Gebo) that will result. The Page is patient - taking one step at a time (Kenaz follows Gebo in the Elder Futhark).