Pearls of Wisdom - the Pages

Rede Seeker

Page of Wands - communicates to an audience; he stays in bounds but out in the open - no secrets here; his elements are fire, water and air - grounding may be an issue for this Page

Page of Pentacles - hard work, long hours, indoors, diligent to his task; this Page may have trouble relating to the world around him; he has brought Nature in to him, but there is a sense of 'one step removed' to his connection to it

Page of Swords - friend to Nature, sorrowing because his message/sword is too much for him to handle - but he will get stronger - in the mean-time, his dagger will serve; Nature's diversity supports him - he can see the big picture

Page of Cups - another friend to Nature, devoted and generous; although surrounded with Nature, giving generously to Nature, and receiving Nature's approval in return, this Page is surrounded by Nature at Her best - has he experienced sorrow or privation? When he does, as the Runes indicate he will and must, will that dim his ardor? How strong is this brave-heart?