Pearls of Wisdom - Four of Cups

Rede Seeker

We have a lavish setting in the Wilderness. A young woman crowned with flowers and pearls is offered a golden cup overflowing with crystal colored liquid. The hand that offers the cup is dark and lined - the willow that shades the young woman holds the cup. Does the woman know the offering is from the willow - her back is to the tree? The source of refreshment and vitality is offered from one of Nature's oldest children to one of Mankind's children who is coming of age. A single bee looks on as the cup is offered.

The young woman sits either upon the surface of a shallow pool or on some piece of ground adjacent to it. The image is unclear on what she sits upon. Her attention is directed to the right, where the cup is being offered. To her left and resting on the surface of the shallow pool are three similar golden cups, two golden bowls filled with fruit and a bouquet of flowers. Our young woman is abundantly supplied. Is the fourth cup going to overwhelm her - is it too much too soon in her life?

The abundance continues in her outfit - the pink/white semi-transparent gown she wears reveals the emerging woman beneath. She is decked with a gold choker and bracelet on her left wrist. Her right hand wears a single pearl ring. She wears a strand of pearls that reach almost to her breasts (- close to her heart?). She wears a belt low upon her hips. The shape and color suggest gold...but is it a golden snake or golden chain?

Nature, in the form of a Green Earth Spirit, sleeps in the background. She seems quite relaxed and confident - no need for her to monitor events between the Tree Spirit and the young woman.

Rede Seeker

The pool is a carpet/blanket

What was I thinking? A closer look, thanks to a magnifying glass, shows a pattern to the blue she sits on - there are golden stripes worked into it. She's sitting on a blanket or carpet, not a shallow pool.

The texture of the blue in the blanket looks similar to the lake behind the tree; the gold stripe looks like a reflection upon the waters.

Rede Seeker

The Runes

Wunjo, the 'Joy' Rune, is marked on the left-hand column.
Kenaz, the rune of transformation is marked on the right-hand column.

Wunjo = First Aettir, eighth Rune = 8
Kenaz = First Aettir, sixth Rune = 6

Wunjo + Kenaz = 8 + 6 = 14 = Perthro, the Rune of Chance and Change

Perthro = Second Aettir, sixth Rune; therefore it also reflects Kenaz on a higher level. Kenaz is the 'solve et coagula' - the dissolve and reform aspect of change. The constituent parts of the former are used to build the latter. The outcome of Perthro depends on the actions upon which it is based, hence, it is my personal 'Leap of Faith' Rune. You've done all you can, now Orlog takes a hand.

Orlog is the layers of Wyrd which we build, day-by-day, action-by-action.