Pearls of Wisdom - Nine of Wands

Rede Seeker


Our runner crosses the finish line. Glowing wands line her path. They remind me of photo-flashes as the athelete nears the finish line - will this photo make the cover of Sports Illustrated?

More to follow.

Rede Seeker

Running on a bed of coals?

The path our Runner is on is a reddish-brown, the texture gives the feel of motion, like it is a river of lava or a bed of coals glistening. Our Runner doesn't seem to notice. She is near her goal, she has essentially won her race. Her wand is held high over her head. The long stand of pearls attached to the head of her wand is in motion, not trailing as one would expect from a streamer (check the movement of the green ribbon) but rolling upward, like a cat's tail, against the direction of movement - these pearls have a life force of their own.

More to follow...unstable laptop...I don't want to loose this thread of thought.

Rede Seeker

Compare Ace and Nine of Wands

See the same joyous smile? Our Runner in the Nine has evolved to the Fire-Spirit Woman of the Ace. She no longer runs on a bed of coals, she ignites them with her passion. The Wand is just beginning to sprout foliage in the Nine; in the Ace, the greenery is wrapped around the full length of the wand's shaft and trails over the edge. The stand of pearls does like-wise. A curious difference is the pearl at the head of the wand. In the Nine it shines with a white light. In the Ace, it is more of a sun-gold color. Perhaps the wisdom of the pearl has matured as well.

Rede Seeker

Ace and Nine continued

Observe the difference in costume. In the Nine our Runner's outfit is a balance of yellow and red tied with a green belt. There are fingers of red rising above the belt. Her shoes are red mary-janes.

The Ace's costume is blended reds, oranges, and yellows. Her collar is a mature plunge not the demure peter pan-like trim of the Nine. The Ace has flame-like fringe at her upper arms (or is it a capelet?). Her outfit is like a second skin. The Nine's outfit looks more like a performer's costume - she's going through the motions, wearing the 'team colors'. In time, she and her team colors will be one.

Even their hairstyles speak of youth/innocence and maturity/experience.

Rede Seeker

The Nine Wands

Our Runner holds one wand over her head; two flank her along the road; three lay in dis-array at her feet (she steps over them); three stand bundled together at the foot of the road (she runs towards them). My Rede: The wand she carries is her own; the others represents Friends and/or Family who tried - some succeeded; some failed; and some failed and lost some part of themselves in the attempt (the three at her feet).

The Rune Uruz marks the left-hand column; Tiwas is on the right.
Uruz = first Aettir; second Rune = 2 = Vitality, Tenacity, Freedom
Tiwaz = third Attir; first Rune = 17 = Troth and Justice...quoting from Thorsson's "At the Well of Wyrd": '...The path to success may lie through self-sacrifice...'

Uruz + Tiwaz = 2 + 17 = 19 = Ehwaz = Harmony and Teamwork; Trust and Loyalty