Pearls of Wisdom - Queen of Swords

Rede Seeker

Our Queen faces the world head-on. She faces us squarely. We view her from below. The two steps up to her dias are covered with flowers - something left behind on her own rise to power and authority. They aren't forgotten and they aren't dead. They are just left behind.

The steps, the Queen, the window and full moon form a vertical line. Each leads to the other with the mystery of the moon is highest of all. It is also only view-able from a small window directly above the Queen's throne. How long does the moon stay in that position? How long does she reign as the highest mystery in this picture?

The Queen's costume is an art-form in itself. Her dress is vibrant green, we see the edges of a deep blue cape behind her. She wears a green apron edged in red-pink. Her 'corset' depicts a golden tree surrounded by light blue. The tree has visible roots and trunk but the branches are hidden under the golden foliage. There appear to be waves near the roots of the tree. The Queen's bodice is light blue, matching the background color of her corset. She wears a ruffled collar. Her shoes appear to be purple; they could be a very deep blue. The Queen wears a modest pearl necklace and pearl and emerald earrings. The green in the earrings matches her dress. The crown on her head is high, golden, with a 'widow's peak' and three branches on top. There is a pearl at the point of each branch and three gemstones in the body of the crown. She wears a pearl ring on her right hand. Her left hand is lost in the glow of the gem she holds.

The lady holds a bouquet of flowers with ribbons in her lap. Her right hand holds a sword upright; her left holds a diamond-shaped crystal. That crystal is shining, but not with light from the full moon behind the throne - the throne blocks that light. The crystal's shining power comes from an unknown source.

The throne is not particularly ornate. It's not plane, but it isn't gaudy either. There are twin tables, one on the right, one on the left. The right-hand table holds three books held upright by two golden 'J-shaped' bookends. There is a crystal with five distinct points in front of the books. The left-hand table holds a bowl of fruit containing cherries and pears. Some cherries are sitting on the table top.

There are two banners mounted on the wall behind the Queen's throne. They are identical, decorated with a tree, a circle beneath it (possibly a pearl) and lines indicating movement. The trees are tree-colored; the trunk and roots are brown, the foliage is green. The banners have a light blue background with a red border.

High on the wall behind the throne is a small, dome-shaped window with a full moon, pearl-like, at it's center. A sheet of cool moon-light flows through the window. Streamers of moon light can be seen between the legs of the two tables beside the throne, but no moon-light appears to get past the throne and Queen. The moon-light and shining crystal provide all the illumination. It is dark behind the throne where the moon-light does not reach.

The throne rests on a scarlet carpet. There are two stpes from our level to the Queen's dias. There is a purple or dark-blue floor covered with a red carpet with green trim. A censor sending out fragrance sits on the first step. A pear is on the ground-floor where we are.

Our Queen doesn't look very happy. She seems to be trying to smile, but not quite making it believeable. Yet, she looks straight at whatever comes her way. I get the impression that she's seen a lot in her day - good and bad - and that there is more to come. If it does, she'll be here to meet it.

The borders are covered with ivy. As usual, there are shelves on both upper corners. The left shelf holds books, the right holds a bowl of fruit (cherries and pears). There is a short string (three pearls) of pearls handing from a hook on each side near the shelves. A sword with point facing up, rests in the lower left corner. A crown and bouquet of flowers rests in the lower left.

Under the ivey we see the Runes Uruz and Tiwaz.
Uruz = Health and Wholeness; also Patterning and Formation
Tiwaz = Order, Direction, Leadership
Uruz = First Aettir, Second Rune = 2
Tiwaz = Third Aettir, First Rune = 17
Uruz + Tiwaz = 2 + 17 = 19 = Ehwaz = Harmonious Teamwork and Trust

I see balance/symetry - this Queen has carefully arranged her 'working space'. She is indoors at night, in her full regalia.