Pearls of Wisdom - Three of Pentacles

Rede Seeker

Fire, Fire, burning bright...but do you feed and further and finish your Human Vessel's Might?

A sunbeam spotlights a potter at his wheel. A tall pot takes shape in his hands; several pots of various shapes and sizes are in the kiln; more pots surround him. Each pot has a pentacle marked upon it. The potter's wheel has a pentacle; the potter wears a pentacle T-shirt. The sky is a friendly blue with gentle clouds. The sun sheds seven beams not including the one that spotlights the potter. Behind the potter is rich, green grass. Whatever he is doing or making, the environment around him does not suffer. It is rich and healthy.

The table to his left holds something - clay waiting to be formed? The table to his right holds finished pots.

The kiln is behind him on the left. There is a chalice filled with flame resting on top of it. The firebox is lit below and there is heat rising from the chimney (a clean heat judging by the color).

A table laden with fruit, wine, a lit candle and what looks to be a white leaf is behind him on the right. The table is covered with an blue floor-length cloth covered with an orange top-cloth. There is a guitar resting against the table. In the far background we see a Green Earth Spirit.

Coins litter the ground to the right and left of our potter.

The border holds pots with vital greenery trailing from it in each corner. In the center are three coins. The right-hand column contains a pentacle bracket from which hangs a buldging, gold-colored pouch. Below that is a tall pot containing three flowers in closed buds. The left-hand column holds a pentacle bracket from which hangs a pearl necklace with double terminated crystal pendant. Below that is a pot with three open tiger-lilies.

Life is good for the Three of Pentacles. The potter's needs are met. He continues his craft, well-rewarded. He is inspired (sunbeam spotlight, fire-chalice on the kiln, lit candle on the table) and creative (diversity of the pots he makes).

The Rune Fehu is marked on the right-hand column. There is no Rune on the left.
Fehu = first Aettir, first Rune = 1 = Primal Fire, Passion, beginnings

The potter is at the beginning of his career. He enjoys what he does and is very good at it. Yet, there is a sense of clutter with all the pots he has made. The unifying thread is the clay and pentacle. The pots are at different stages of development - lumps of clay on the table, in formation on the wheel, formed but unfired pots on the other table, pots in the kiln, and finished, fired pots. All the pots are terra cotta - no glazing, no colors, just the pentacle ornamentation. Will our potter take his craft to it's next level?