Phantasmagoric 23/08, 10 of Coins


I thought I would help out as well:) What do you think of sharing the draws? Usually, Saturday would not be good for me, but the week days are open- I could do, say, Tues. and Thur.? I think that the draws would be more varied with different folks doing them, as well. Maybe one of us would draw some Cups!

Graham's booklet says: The Earth Coin village works as a community. Those who live in it share with each other, helping to build a better village. They call upon the Mayor who lends financial support to their projects, and provides books on house building.

The skulls on the mayor's collar remind me of my experiences lately with the administrators at my son's school. A lot of glitches with his schedule and some other frustrating gaff's, yet they are genuinely nice people and it doesn't solve anything to show you are upset. So, you have to sometimes "kill" a part of yourself, your ego, temper, pride, etc. in order to get along in the community. The cane makes me feel that even though (or maybe because?) the community has lent him so much stature that he looms over them, that he also needs support. Maybe the cane represents some soothing hobby or a penchant for skydiving or a significant other that allows him to lose all constraints and be himself once in a while. The puzzle piece on the book makes me think that this guide to house building will allow some individuality of taste, yet also have guidelines for conforming with the community to the extent that you can easily be included in it's activities. A house that is a home, yet will be inviting to those you ask over for dinner.


Can I join in?

Hi everybody!

I'm glad this deck has its own forum (and I'm glad I found it!)

I've had this deck for a little over a year now and it's one of my favorites. The readings are almost always so clear, and the charaters are so cute! However, some of the cards confuse me, like the Five of Wands, and I'm looking forward to hearing other views.

I like this Ten of Coins much better than the RWS. There it seems like the old man is being ignored, sort of put out to pasture, and his hard-earned wisdom going to waste. In the Phantasmagoric, the wisdom of old-age is honored; a younger villager is accepting a book (representing knowledge) from the white-haired mayor.

It looks like the mayor has sewn his mouth shut, so maybe he leads by example instead of just shouting out orders. He talks softly and carries a big stick.

I think the skulls on his collar also refer to his advanced age and wealth of experience. He's seen it all and done it all.

Oh well, just a few random thoughts. I'm off to finish reading the threads on some of the other cards.



O thats a great idea Galadrial.
The problem with me is that i'm doing alot of filling in work ( don't know how to call it) They call me and than i can have a night shift at the shelter or a 24 hour shift at a psychiatric's.
So i will try to do some regular day's and i will let you know if i get in trouble with my scedual.

Nice to meet you Becky!!!!
A freind of the phantasmagoric is a friend of mine ;)
I like your view on the mayor with his sewn mouth. I always wondered about that.



Welcome, Becky! We're always glad to have new voices take the stage in the Phantasmagoric Theater! :D

I like your take on the Mayor and the fact that his mouth is sewn shut. Sometimes you can help people along, but if you do everything for them, and warn them of every single hazard, they'll never learn enough to take care of themselves. So he helps people get started, and encourages them, but lets them make their own mistakes.

I see the skulls on his collar surrounding him, reminding him that his time on this plane is short. Giving of his money and knowledge is his legacy.

That's really the way I've always thought of this card, as one that signifies one's legacy, heredity, gifts to future generations.




Earth Coin Auburn

I think of prosperity here. The mayor is obviously a prosperous fellow, he's used to lending people money and he keeps his mouth shut about the particulars, your secrets are safe with him. People don't envy him his knowledge and prosperity, they just enjoy working with him and seeing things get done. He in turn, does not try to control or manipulate people with power and money, or make them feel they are less than him. Everyone is equal here and has an equal chance to participate and feel the satisfaction of building and enhancing the village.

The town is pleasantly situated on rolling green hills with well-built and attractive houses, and there's lots of money for new buildings, and perhaps a nice theatre for people to stage plays in will be the next community project. Winter is coming and they want to get the big arena finished so that people can skate and the new hockey team can get some training time in. The mayor has put on a bit of weight and his arthritis is bothering him, so a bit of ice skating might help him to trim down and alleviate those hip problems!

The townspeople are always planning and building and looking forward with anticipation to sharing the load on the next project, without envy or infighting.

The sky is blue and big and so is their collective imagination. Together....limitless.

"Sweet Auburn, loveliest village of the plain,
Where health and plenty cheered the labouring swain,
Where smiling spring its earliest visits paid,
And parting summer's lingering blooms delayed."
Oliver Goldsmith


Maan said:
O thats a great idea Galadrial.

Nice to meet you Becky!!!!
A freind of the phantasmagoric is a friend of mine ;)

O.k., I'll do Tuesdays and Thurdays then.

Hi Becky, it's wonderful to have another Phantas. fan on board!


Thanks for the warm welcome, phellow phantasma phans!

I really like all the different insights into the cards. I think I'll have lots of fun here, as well as learn a few things.


Little Baron

Not much that I can add to your responses. Love the 'sewn mouth' ideas!

The two on the left are somewhat puzzling though as they seem more like spectators than the one that is given the oportunity. the one in the green coat is eying up the money - maybe he is wondering if that coat is bit enough to slip a coin inside LOL.

The skulls do not look threatening at all; they remind me of the prints that you get on baby clothes.