Phantasmagoric *5 Swords*

Little Baron

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Todays card is the 5 of Swords. I will update a little later. Look forward to your views.



The LWB says there is nothing wrong with the Princess, but I think that perhaps her psyche is wounded. All incoming impressions are now filtered through a protective mask. Her hand is bandaged- did she reach out once and get burned? The other hand is gloved and her spiked collar does not invite conversation. Her glass is utterly empty. Has she turned down offers to fill it? She finally calls on a medical doctor. Is she unable to identify the true cause of her pain? Or is she afraid to confide in anyone who might take more than a clinical interest in her? Her symptoms cannot retain the interest of a man of such sensibilities that he has a Spade on his spine and is led by his watch. He hurries off to assauge pains that respond to anesthetics. Maybe she has just realized that empathetic listeners cannot be hired by the hour. Is she contemplating that die? Will she decide that chance and risk can be part of her life again and open herself up to "A Medicine for Melancholy"? (a short story by Ray Bradbury- well worth a read if you're not familiar with it:)


One thing I noticed: the window on the purple tower behind the back wall has the same style window as the Nine of Swords. I wonder if this is the same princess who was trapped in that tower room? If so, this must be the "before" picture because she has hair. Unless the hair comes with the mask, that is. But both cards show troubled princesses. How sad for them.

And I wonder if the 5 of Swords princess reaches out once in a while to grasp a sword by the blade, creating a reason for the doctor to come see her? Maybe that's why her hand is bandaged up. I definitely see a hypochondriac-type personality here. You know how she would be:

"If someone leaves these knives here, I'm going to accidentally cut myself on them! I just know it! And then the doctor will have to come! You just watch! I'm going to cut myself if someone leaves these knives sitting out right here! ..... Ow! I cut myself! I knew it! Call the doctor!" :rolleyes:




"More than the teeming green..."

Reminds me of the Dean Martin song: "Party dolls and wine, honey let the good times roll."

Except the Princess doesn't seem to be having such a good time. She's afraid of germs, and going outside, of talking to people without having a drink first, worried about her clothes and her hair, and she wears gloves and a gas mask because you never know where those teeming germies are gonna come from, Howard Hughes knew the score on that.

She's wearing one of those spiked dog collars. She's in bondage to the hidden, secret world of microscopic, teeming germs, besides someone with germs might want to hug her and this will deflect their lips, teeming with bacteria. She sprained her arm flipping that die deciding what to do, and the alien, teeming green bacterium on the sword handles is causing her to clench her fist. She tried painting iodine on the handles to counteract growth, but still the teeming gunk replicates before her eyes. Some knife throwing man, teeming with disgusting, pungent germs thought he'd give her a juggling show with knives and music and take her for some money. She paid him to leave and he was so pleased with himself that he forgot his knives and went to tell all his friends what a successful, talented, smart guy he was. Thank goodness she had her gas mask on, and she'll never have to listen to the song Starboat Blooper again.

Sometimes she looks up at the other tower window and thinks she might visit the Sword Worshipper there, but those corridors haven't been cleaned in a while and you never know if they might be teeming with spiders and mouse droppings, sure carriers of germs and bad smells. She'd like some more vino but her glass is empty and she can't drink with the gas mask on anyway, and there's no one there to clean the glass properly, ensuring various greasy bacteria aren't allowed to infiltrate the liquid. Besides, big smears of Crazy Crimson Claret lipstick, teeming with bacteria, are often left on glasses by lazy bartenders.

Is that green stuff growing feet and walking toward her?

You have to be careful, there's a lot of hidden, invisible scum in the Labyrinth.

The doctor is smiling, he's making a pile of money from these home visits.


I'm always focussing on her mask. Is she afraid to breath the air? is she afraid to really life live?
She even wares rubber gloves...atleast one of them...she not even lest people touch her. The docter wants to help her but does she LET him help her? She cries for help but at the same time puches it away


Little Baron

Interesting responses on this one.

I do connect the two Princesses; the one in the distant tower and this one. If this is the castle that the other 'hairless' Princess is dreaming over then we could pop back and tell her that things are not so great inside. Both these Princesses are trapped. the hairless one is trapped and cannot get out, and this one is trapped by her own devices. Neither are probably aware that the other exists, which is kind of sad when they are so near and are experiencing such solitude.

The doctor, looking at his watch, shows how easy it is to leave and return to this part of the Labirynth. For me this card is a battling with the self, casuing your own restrictions, blowing things out of proportion, fearing the worst, being affraid of opening up and having contact with others.

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I find the Five of Swords somewhat puzzling, so naturally it pops up quite a bit in my readings. The posts here have been very helpful, now I'm seeing things in this card I hadn't noticed before, for instance, the spiked dog collar.

I like the idea that she is her own worst enemy; she has placed herself in bondage. And now she is so used to it that freedom frightens her. The medical doctor can't help her, she probably needs a therapist to help her find a way out of her self-destructive behavior.

This card turned up in a reading I did recently asking why do I smoke. (I'm trying to quit.) It makes more sense now. Thanks!