Phantasmagoric *8 Cups*

Little Baron

Todays draw - 8 of Cups *Bertie*

This guy is on the move. He wanders, not too quickly, through the Water Cup Desert, leaving what seems to be the city, for something new. Above the city is a space craft, remenisant of the one in the Chariot, and behind him, on a trolly he pulls his eight cups.

Graham Cameron says of this card -
"Bertie feels there must be more to life. Where is it taking him? His days at the Soda Pop Factory, where he spends so much of his time, do not stimulate him anymore. He leaves in search of his own individual destiny to discover what his life is about.

The Eight of Cups shows us that the answer is within ourselves. We come here to discover what it is we lack.

RX: Denying deep emotional needs, feeling puzzled".

So, it's not a city then - it's the Soda Pop Factory in the background.

The colours here are neutral and I can feel through them, Bertie's lack of stimulation. I like the angle on this card. I hardly ever compare the cards in this deck with others because it is 'one on its own' and is such a different world. However, when compared to this card in the RWS, Bertie is coming towards us and leaving the Soda Pop Factory, where as the RWS guy is walking away into the darkness. This depiction seems so much more possitive.

Any ideas on the space craft? Is that a symbol of movement? Are they looking for him? Missing him already?

Best wishes to you all



Eight of Cups

Oh yes, Bertie looks a lot happier about going away, he's got a nice little smile on his face, even though there's a tear dropping down from his little button eye. He seems to have mixed emotions about his decision.

In contrast to the RWS, Bertie is taking his eight cups with him, no sense in leaving perfectly good cups behind. You never know, he might need to have a yard sale to raise money for moving expenses.

That flying saucer, it could be the Chariot coming to give Bertie a little help on his journey. Or it could signify that Bertie is about to enter a whole new world. Or he's going to be abducted by aliens.


Ooooh, I like the idea of being abducted by aliens. After all, something is only alien because it is outside of our experience, and new experiences are what Bertie is after. I think the aliens know this- "when the student is ready a teacher will appear" sort of thing. They are willing to assist him to expand his horizons now that he has taken those first steps away from the known and into the desert. The desert is like a clean slate where he can write his own unfolding story. The factory, however kind (I like the heart window), is another person's architecture, someone else's manifested dream. It was comforting to be a part of it, but now Bertie is ready to be the architect of his own dreams. That attitude is an echo of the Chariot archetype, and I think the spacecraft hints at that as well. I like the fact that he is taking the cups with him, in fact, when I draw the 8 of Cups I usually think, "yes, I'm ready to leave that behind, but I'm taking the lessons and memories of what that experience offered with me; it is now a part of who I am."


I have not much to add her. You people said it all ;)


Little Baron

I like the fact that he takes the cups with him as well - as a sort of memory or lessons learnt. On the flip side though, it could show that he is either not ready to move on completely or has not detatched himself from the past enough to move on.


I wonder if maybe the alien ship offered to give him a ride, and he said, "Thank you, but not right now. How about if I meet up with you halfway through the desert, if you're still in the area? I need to journey alone for awhile." I think he's looking forward to the trip as much as to what will be at the end of it.