Phantasmagoric Readings

Little Baron

Hi everyone

Since we started studying this deck, I have hardly read with it at all.I wanted to know about all of the characters within it before I took the plunge. When I go through them myself, I forget the names and essence of the characters pretty quickly, but through this forum, it all sticks and I remember the names and stories of all of the cards that we have studied so far instantly.

Has anybody else read with this deck regularly? I am sure that you have Maan. I feel like the Celtic Cross and some of the other more well known spreads are a little bit 'stuffy' and ordered for something as vivid and colourful as the Phantasmagoric Theater. Anybody use alternatives or have any ideas on how a new and more fittig spread could be devised???


**Also, any readings that anyone wants to post and share would be exptremely beneficial for all of us to study from and discuss. For me, so far, the cards seem quite singular since that is the way that we have been studying them**


Hi right i have used it alot in readings...and still do.
I have never used it for a CC.
I started out with daily cards..then three card spreads. largest spread i use for this deck is the seven card spiral spread. It works really good for me and this deck.
I think a larger spread would not work for me with this deck....for starters my table isn't big enough ;)

seven card spiral


1 You /the client
2 The surroundings/ place in life at the moment
3 influences that are moving out of your life
4 whats going on at the moment in your life
5 What you moving toward
6 Lesson that you need to learn at this time
7 the wild card

I usually never ask a question. This spread works as a sort of map ( japonica's ;) ) It let's me see what's going on in my life and what i need to learn from it etc


Little Baron

Thanks Maan. I will try that one out. How do you interpret your wild card in the reading?

'Japonica's Map' - what a great name for a spread.

Anybody else got any great Phantasmagoric spreads with great names that they have created?



What a great idea! I love the name "Japonica's Map" for a spread. I enjoy creating spreads, and even though I haven't made one just for the Phantasmagoric, I can see where just flipping through the cards can really inspire one.

I think I'm gonna give this try later today.

I've had my PTT for over a year now, and the first spread I did with it was the New Deck Spread.

1) What will you teach me? 10 Wheel of Fortune
2) What do I need to do? Four of Swords
3) What will our relationship be like? 17 The Star

Getting the Star in the relationship position was what really hooked me on this deck. It's one of my faves.