Phantasmagoric 3 of Cups

Little Baron

3 of Cups

What do I see? Three figures in the Water Cup Desert, drinking. Two have gas masks and the one in the front looks like a cat. The 'gasmask' couple drink from green cups, each with a single red heart on. The 'cats' is larger and yellow and shows two hearts. They sit together on a large blue and purple sofa. There is little in the background but in the foreground, are three dice.

Graham Cameron says of this card -

"A Reunion is taking place in the Water Cup Desert. Three friends share their feelings of love for one another; they drink of each others love; they sense joy and beauty around them.
The four of cups represents taking what is offered, reaching out, using the oportunity to meet people. The reverse meaning is that of holding back and withdrawal".

I like this card. The colours, even though bright, are quite soothing. For today, and even last night, I can see people in the grouping of threes. I went for dinner with my friends Clair and Kev yesterday; there was a sense of a reunion because they had just had a baby and while she had been pregnant, it was harder for us to get out and do things together - especially drinking, as depicted in this card. The last part of my night was spent with two friends I hadn't seen in a year or so - Sarah, and her brother, James. Because of the time we hadn't seen each other (she had also had a child), a reunion was very much part of what was happening between us. Today, the threesome was of the family kind. I spent the day in Rochester with my parents.
I can associate these 'three' different threesomes to this card because in each, there was such a sense of belonging and contentment of being with each other.

Because of an accident when I fell over a couple of years ago and split my lip open, like the cat pictured here, I also drink through a straw. Not because I need to, I might add, but because it became a habit after the couple of weeks of having to.

My last association with this card is my housemates in London. I havn't seen them in a while, and pretty soon, before university starts up again, I will need to contact the 'three' of them to reunite so that we can find a new house for the next year.

Any views or ideas on this one? Maan? Freesiaskye?

Also, glad that you ordered this deck Galadrial. You are gonna have a lotta fun with this one and I look forward to hearing your views when it arrives. I am posting the cards up that I am drawing day by day, so until you have the little beauty resting in your hands, you can click on them here and join in if you want to.

Best wishes to you all.


Little Baron

The Card

Here's the three friends.



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Thats was a perfect day!

I usually have day's like that too if this card is my daily card.

I like the fact that while there are friends and sitting so close toghether they face different directions. Like its oke to think different or be different. You can still be friends and love eachother.

I like this card very much....i wich i could have it as wallpaper on my computer

Little Baron

I have got a friend that always used to visit me and we would have evenings in just watching tv and drinking tea. We didn't need to go anywhere or do anything. A lot of the time, we didn't even have to talk, which is what this card reminds me of too - the fact that we are comfortable enough together in the silence. It is a very peaceful card and I hope it comes to me again.

As I said before, the whole aspect of three has been imprtant in this days draw. My tea drinking friend and I are still close but right now, while I am at my parents house, we don't see so much of each other because she is in London. She is getting married this year and I get on very well with her boyfriend. I see him in the three person equation as we are comfortable with each other as well. When my friend used to visit me for tea, I was living with my partner. That was also a good grouping and it was more like three friends, rather than a couple and an other.

I will look at this when it pops up again. I suppose there are always going to be readings where that threesome could be distructive too. Not giving the 'couple' if that was the situation, time to themselves; or as another example, a couple that needs to spend more time with their friends as well as with each other.

Best wishes


**I really am enjoying this deck. It is so different from any other that I use and the imagery is so different from what I see in my other tarot decks. I look at the characters with no preconceived idea of what the 'word' at the bottom of the card says.**


I really get a sense of deep, quiet friendship from this card. I noticed that the three are not facing each other, but sitting close enough to touch one another. It's like they are just enjoying that happy feeling that their friends are near. It's like when you get to be good enough friends with someone that you don't need to fill every silence with conversation. You can just be happy being around each other.



Little Baron

Absolutely. You have the same kind of take as I do, Melvis. In that sense, it is a very powerful card for me. From experience and relation to it from the card, I know what I need to do when it comes up; what I am lacking, I can fill. These friends are all different but passionate about their friendship, however different they are and whatever directions they are going in.



The Ch-Chi's Loss is Our Gain

Three of Cups

That's quite a fancy chair and it's sitting outside in the desert. That's the sort of chair one might expect to pay a lot of money for at the Chi-Chi Furniture Palace. Our friends, while acknowledging the superiority of the design and its two-tone upholstery, are just happy to settle in together, rest, relax and have their cold drinks, buffeted by the tasteful proportions of this Chi-Chi castoff. What kind of nut would leave a chair like that alone in the desert? Fortunately these friends came upon it.

The brown fellow has to put his hand on the handle of his cup because he's got a milkshake and he's right near the bottom where it's extra thick and he needs to hold the cup down. He's got his nozzle right in there trying to chase that lump of solid chocolate ice cream and mash it down to sucking consistency.

The cat is having a catnip herbal tea mix, cooled to sipping temperature and his little eyes have dilated somewhat, he's thinking about batting a couple of those dice around and rolling in the sand on his back. You can see one foot has just touched the ground and he's ready to rocket off and get those dice before they eat the cushions on the chair and disturb his friends. Cats are always aware of threatening situations like that.

The white chappie is of course, sipping a cool cup of milk It reminds him of days at the breakfast table with Mom as she prepared to whip a batch of scrambled eggs to divine froth with her gasmask. Nothin' like one of those rubber nozzles to do the job properly and avoid egg effluvium, any good cook knows that and Mom was a heck of a good cook.

Everybody's kind of got their own thing going on and their own thoughts, but gosh, it's pleasant to be together on a nice day in Water Cup Desert. It's nice to be close to friends you can trust not to cadge a bit of ice cream or milk, and you don't even have to talk if you don't want to.

And that's the view from here on this one.


What can I say; I love this card because I've done this:) I live in a house closer to "town" now (still not in town, and it's a very small town) but for 13 years I lived in a house I called the LBC- Last Bastion of Civilization- because everything beyond it was Bureau of Land Management land, ie: uninhabited. There were no lights at night and the sky was enormous and the stars thick and brilliant. When a friend would drive out to see us (my husband, son and I) we would put the chairs outside and sit around and eat (usually chips and dip and beer and iced tea) and talk and just soak up the atmosphere. I don't think I could ever view this card as negative!