Phantasmagoric 31/7 *Queen of Cups*

Little Baron

For those of you that read my earlier post from last night, I am not quite sure how to relate the way I was feeling to the change from the Seven of Coins to the King of Coins.

Today, however, a calmer energy visits in the shape of the Queen of Cups.

What do I see in this card? A woman sits at her table. Her hair is a reddish blonde and she wears two crowns. A blindfold, remenisant of the one worn by the 'floaty' guy in the 7 of Swords, reveals one eye and is embroided with a question mark. She wears a pink dress with high collar; hearts are cut into this. Around her neck is another 'collar' with a pink heart on; a spike is on either side of this. Two hands have emerged from holes in the table. One touches her chin, and she looks as if she is pondering on something. Are these her hands? Infront of her rests a large coffee cup and a dice. The dice has a 'Q' on it. Does this stand for Queen? Initially, I imagined it to stand for 'question' as also shown in the question mark and also her stance; is she pondering over a question before giving an answer?

Graham Cameron says of this card -
"Say hello to Fizzy, the Queen of Cups. She represents sensitivity in a woman. Fizzy is happy and content. She represents our ability to enjoy all emotions.
As the Queen, Fizzy interacts with many men, and knows that men can be uncomfortable showing their playful side. She helps them feel comfortable with themselves, and encourages men to seek their spiritual and nurturing qualities.
Fizzy, the Queen, tells us that to be truly happy we must be in touch with our emotions".

What are your takes on this one? What do you think the black squiggle could mean on the checkered background? Is it just a doodle? If so, who did it. The numbers 2 and 5 are also here.

I like Fizzy but she doesn't seem as warm as other 'Queen of Cups' that I have known. Those spikes are not too friendly looking.

Look forward to your ideas and opinions.



Haai Frizzy nice to see you :D

Yaboot sorry to ask but what is a "squiggle"? I can't find that word in the dictionary..
I just see one thing in the background and that is the two numbers and a sawn cut.
The cut reminds me of the fact that Frizzy can heal hearts. She is the healer of your soul.

The mask with one eye closed makes me think that Frizzy doesn't look at the surface. She is not affraid to look deeper. Or to see tHings she does not understand.

I see the spikes around her collor as an other proof that she protects the heart, cause on the collar is a liitle pink heart.

Her pose seems to suggest that she is listening. She looks like a true councelor.( Dianna Troi ;) for the star trek fans)

The dress is very sexy and that show's that she is very feminine and loves sexuality and her own body

O and al that talk about chacra's earlier makes me think about the placing of the collor with the heart. It is on the fifth chacra. Meaning maybe that she is talking with her heart?


ps any one of you know something about numbers?
The two and the three on this card could refer at the empress and high priets of wich Frizzy seems to have borrowed some aspects


I see the hands as belonging to others. They make me think of people who are not as in touch with their emotions and intuitions (not just guys, as Cameron posits, of course. Actually I'm thinking of people I know who do not have much water in their natal charts) as Fizzy. They have perhaps had a strange dream, a psychic occurrence, a synchronistic event, or a broken heart or angry outburst occur. They can't quite reach out with their whole selves, but they recognize in Fizzy someone who will be empathetic, who can, hopefully, articulate their experience and offer some wisdom and advice, so they poke an inquisitive hand out. She is honest, and what she says will be sympathetic (the heart at her throat) but may also be painful to hear (the spikes). On the other hand (and who's hand would that be?), the way she is peering down at the one hand, and the other is at her chin in the classic thinking pose, makes me think that the questions brought by these people may help her stay partly focused (keeping at least one eye outwardly open) on real world problems, and partly in a rational, thinking mode, so she can be helpful to others and does not end up with question marks over both eyes, looking only inward.

edited to add: I think the 2 and the 5, if related to the suit of Cups, could mean that she is in touch with the full range of emotions; from harmony and attraction to disappointment and loss.


galadrial said:
edited to add: I think the 2 and the 5, if related to the suit of Cups, could mean that she is in touch with the full range of emotions; from harmony and attraction to disappointment and loss.

Thats a good one Galadrial

Maan ( who is looking trough here deck to see if this sollution fits other cards)


Fizzy Sparkles

Fizzy sparkles
Her animate hands
Consider and probe.
She reflects stiffly
And with one eye
Grounded in two crowns
Of left and right brain

Her linear lips
match the hearts on her cup
My eye travels
From one to the other
Onto the checkerboard backdrop
of her glyphed squares
And the ragged stencil of her
Shaggy hair.

Points of reality
On her lovely neck
Skewer her loving circlet
Yet they do not chafe her
Nor does her stiffened collar.
It is the wardrobe of one
Who listens,

She knows what you feel
But remains elusive
In her considerate thoughts.
Thoroughly entering each square
Of your mind
Questioning what you say
So you will finally
Understand yourself.

This is what happens when you read too much poetry, every sentence becomes eight lines that you want to inhale for the rest of your life instead of sleeping. Worlds stop for the pinpoints of sounds and you feel it all fade away to leave you alone in the Palace of Solitary in the Air Sword Labyrinth. Happy.