Phantasmagoric - Japonica - 10 of Swords


This is a bit of a non-sequitur, but I found this poem in a book
today and it reminded me of Japonica on the 10 of Swords. It has a 10 of Swords feeling--negative, things are changing, resentment.

by Louise Glück

The trees are flowering
on the hill.
They are bearing
large solitary blossoms,
as when you came to me
carrying such flowers
having snapped them
from the thin branches.
The rain had stopped. Sunlight
motioned through the leaves.
But death
also has its flower,
it is called
contagion, it is
red or white, the color
of japonica ~
You stood there,
your hands full of flowers.
How could I not take them
since they were a gift?

Little Baron

Thats a lovely poem Freesiaskye and I also can relate it to 'our' Japonica. The whole thing about change.

Thanks for sharing it.



beautiful poem.
You feel the emotion behind the words.

Thank you for thinking to share it with us