Phantasmagoric 30/7 *King of Coins*

Little Baron

Hi everybody

Posting tomorrows card a little earlier today since I have 'todays' seven coins to go tug from the garden!

Another coin for tomorrow. Aside from relating to the cards that are being drawn on my daily draws, I am also relating to the ones that are not making an appearance. For example, since I started doing this, I have not drawn many major cards; I have, however, drawn a lot of courts.

Just as a recap, so that we can see where we have been going, these are the daily draws since I have started. Can anybody see any patterns?

23/07 10 Wands (Axle)
24/07 1 - Magician (Hasan)
25/07 Kn Swords (Tom Tom)
26/07 Kn Cups (Howie)
27/07 3 Cups
28/07 8 Wands (Fingerpin)
29/07 7 Coins (Ryan)
30/07 Kg Coins (Donald)

My first reaction is that the magority of characters are male. It would be also true to say that as my life is at this moment, things are concerned with the 'day to day' rather than any major and life changing situations. The absense of any females could reflect a lack of balance maybe. The absense of many majors could illustrate the 'ticking along with not much happening day to day' that my life has become while I am on holiday from university.

Tomorrows card is Donald, the King of Coins. Once again, I see somebody I know in this one; it is a physical simularity at the moment, but the coins infront of him also have an association with this friend, my mate's husband, Simon. He has always invested well over the years and now, while they are considering starting a family, the 'coins' are paying off and flowing towards them, giving them a security and good financial structure to start a family upon.
So what do I see in this card? This man looks stable. The way he rests his chin on his hand makes me think that he is ready to listen to what I say. The coins in front of him, he may be considering, lending or giving to me. It is like going to see your bank manager; Donald is weighing up the pro's and con's before he offers me this loan or sponsers me for something. He is well dressed and even though he looks just a little stern, those eyes seem kind, even if a little 'surprised' - "you want me to lend you the money to do what????!!!!!'.

Graham Cameron says of this card -
"Leaning on the table is Donald, the King of Coins, a master of everything he does. Donald is a successful man who has achieved great fortune through personal dedication. He is a supportive man who is always eager to help others.
Donald the King helps us to achieve our goals and to master the material.
The reverse meaning of this card is 'All work and no play, too involved in self-gain'".

In her book 'Dancing with the Juggler', Carolyn Clare Townsend looks at the traditional tarot King of Pentacles (Coins) as the workaholic. She says 'He is the provider, the 21st Century equivalent of the hunter/gatherer. He sees his role towards the family as one of total protection'.
Joan Bunning ('Learning The Tarot'), reafirms this idea of the traditional King by saying 'He might as well be called king Midas as he turns everything he touches to gold (riches of all kinds)'.

So, Donald is quite a powerful king, it seems, and it is demonstrated in his stance; the way in which he sits and focuses on us. Where ever you sit in relation to this card, there is a feeling of being smaller than he is.

Any takes on this one? The asymetrical use of colour in his costume? Why does he wear gloves? Is this something to do with the fact that he lacks emotion and does not touch; does not feel comfortable with removing the gloves and being tactile?

Best wishes

Yaboot Ya


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Not that I'm a boxing fan, but the gloves remind me of the "Golden Gloves" in boxing- ie: a very successful boxer. I think being financially successful takes a certain amount of ruthlessness and love of "the game" of making money. So I see him taking off his gloves to play with his child, or have a loving moment with his wife or a good laugh with a friend, but when it's time to get down to business a certain calculating distance is achieved by putting on the gloves. His generosity does not extend to not being able to say "no", or "lets take a hard look at this before investing."



Donald reminds me of Donald Trump, or "The Donald" as he was named.

Something about those gloves reminds me of someone who appears friendly and supportive but they are afraid to let you get too close. Detachment.

It also reminds me of this poem:

To a Fat Lady Seen From the Train

O why do you walk through the fields in gloves,
Missing so much and so much?
O fat white woman whom nobody loves,
Why do you walk through the fields in gloves,
When the grass is soft as the breast of doves
And shivering sweet to the touch?
O why do you walk through the fields in gloves,
Missing so much and so much?

-- Frances Cornford


Another thing about Donald

He seems very "buttoned down" and he has this perfectly trimmed facial hair and everything's very elegant and expensive looking.

One thing I noticed about the background of tumbling dice: They looked so random and exuberant, maybe Donald would say, "It's up to you, with a roll of the dice you could be as successful as I, why not try and see what happens?"

The colour of his gloves suggests there is hope for him as they are pretty wild for a gentleman. He'll break out one of these days and hire a jet to take him to Disney World, you watch, and he won't just go see the Epcot Center, he'll get on some of those rides, maybe take his gloves off and play miniature golf with Mickey and the gang.

Next thing you know he'll be quoting William Blake at board meetings and eating cheese omelets with carrots he grew in his garden.


I don't have anything to add here.
Donald is one of the cards i don't really like...i just can't get much out of him.
So thank you both for letting me in in what you see. It gave me alot to think about.
Maybe Donald and i will like eachother better from now on

( who's eyeing at Donald as she types)

eddited to add....looking at donald i'm wondering why, if he is such a succesfull king' does he has such a terrible small crown?


Maan said:
looking at donald i'm wondering why, if he is such a succesfull king' does he has such a terrible small crown?

Because really successful people carry their achievements and confidence within them! They don't need to make an ostentatious display of their success. They know, that's enough.

Supreme self-confidence doesn't need publicity or huge crowns encrusted with baubles. It's all inside.

Besides, a large crown would clash with his tastefully tailored outfit.


What you guys have said mostly covers what I feel about this card. A couple minor things, though...

* The bigger coin is towards the viewer; more evidence of his generosity?

* His posture also speaks to me of a person who shows his feelings through monetary and material generosity. He seems rather closed off, with his hands on his chin like that. Instead of opening his arms to embrace, he tells people he cares by giving of his own wealth.




I got the Phantasmagoric a little while ago, and this was my first daily card. I was quite surprised when I turned around the card and looked straight into Donald’s eyes – I didn’t expect anyone to be looking back at me :)!

I think Donald looks quite supportive and kind – he looks like a great listener. I don’t think he looks detached, but he seems kind of questioning, as if he expects you to do something. The sentence “taking your life under the loop” popped into my head. The way the buttons of his shirt are all neatly closed, makes me think that Donald likes everything to be in order. Like the cubes pictured behind him, I think Donald is dependable and solid, and expects you to be the same in your life.

So... I saw this card as the invitation for me to look at all the chores I still had to do, or the stuff I was putting off, and to get it over with and finish what I had started.

By the way, Donald’s gloves look like the kind of gloves some do the dishes with or work around the house, so that fits in with my interpretation of the card.


Little Baron

That was a nice interpretation Spoonbender. I wonder if maybe Donald is not the kind of guy to get his hands dirty; just sits around and lets the others dig around in the earth for the coins while he makes decisions and counts them.

I love this deck and really enjoyed partisipating with the others when it was more active, so it is great to see it pop up again in the threads. I hope it once again generates some more interest and new ideas and excitement.

I had this deck sitting around for a year before Maan and I started studying it and posting here. I waited for ages for it to arrive and after the initial excitement, couldn't connect with it. It was only here, readings others views (Galadrial and Darwinia make some wonderful and lively observations in the threads), it all started to come together.

I hope to hear more of your feelings about the Phantasmagoric? Are you drawing daily from this deck alone or is it a one off?

Best wishes



Hi Yaboot, thanks for your reply!

Yaboot001 said:
I hope to hear more of your feelings about the Phantasmagoric? Are you drawing daily from this deck alone or is it a one off?
Well, I try to draw a daily card from the deck, but so far I have only drawn 2 daily cards in about 10 days, so I guess I'll have to try a little harder... ;) (In fact, I'm going to draw one for tomorrow right after this post.)

I really really want to get to know this deck better! I love the fact that there's a study group here (in fact, this study group got me interested in the Phantasmagoric), and love to be able to read the views and observations of others.

I remember once seeing a few cards from the Phantasmagoric (the Lovers and the 2 of Cups), but I was totall put off by them. But these last few weeks I've seen them with different eyes and have fallen in love. My enthusiasm is wearing off a little, though, but I still want to make an effort to get to know the deck. So I think you can expect seeing me in a few other threads here as well :).

Thanks again,