Phantasmagoric - The Magician 1

Little Baron

1 - The Magician - Hasan - The Alchemist

What do I see? I see the Magician, standing with his wand. His hat shows empty speach bubbles. He stands with three dice to his right on the floor, and next to a table which holds a further two. Infront of him is what looks like a larger 'bendy' wand. On the table leg is a clown's mask. The background is pink and spiky. Only one of the magician's eyes are wide open.

The numbers shown are 2 and 3; 6 and 4; 5, 3 and 2; 7 and 4; 1 and 11.

Graham Cameron says of his card -
"Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce a man who holds the potential to form a new reality, or conversely, a world of confusion.
Meet Hasan the Magician. As he stands before you demonstrating his skills and techniques, you find yourself amazed at the cleverness of this man. He views his audience as chess pieces, inhabitants strictly bound by defined tasks and movements. The Magician helps sell your ideas and solve your problems. The mask is hung to symbolise our changing feelings of love and hate, sadness to joy. He holds in his hand a wand of materialism - for his magic takes place on the material plane. Be warned, Hasan the Magician can sell you anything.

Professional, organised, concentration, promotor, logical, focused, self determined

The ruling planet is mercury".

First of all, the negative aspects of this card - my worrying about mistrust and disceit clouded my view but as I look deeper into this card, I can see what traits I need to develop tomorrow. In terms of work, I will need to be professional (use skill to make my garments as well as I can), organised (prioritise what needs to be done first), use concentration (and not get distracted by Aeclectic Tarot Boards LOL), be a promotor (of my design work), logical (and not flustered), focused and self determined.
I know that I have the skills of the Magician, and all I have to do is put them into practice. I also appreciate that I am trying to sell an idea in the industry I am working and I need to convince my tutors and other students when I return to london, that my ideas are fresh and new - like the Magician, I also should be able to sell them my work.
My only concern is the bendy wand (that is what it is, isn't it?). I see my garments not being as good as I would want them to be - a shoddy wand that has been disguarded. I see the wand as quite negative, in relation to the one being held. Is this a hint at my designs? Are the sleeker ones I am making now the right choise?

With reference to my earlier thoughts, even though I do not know what tomorrow will bring, I will keep my eyes open for the mask of the Magician, deception, trickery and illusion that he also seems to stand for.

Best wishes, Yaboot.

Little Baron

And here is the card

Meet Hasan!


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No One Wants to Examine the Magus

People are always afraid he'll bite them. Well he might, but it will be like a kiss that you will not likely forget. ;-0)))

The Magician

Aha, he has speech balloons on his hat, but they are empty. He indicates that you have something to say but leaves you to say it in your own way.

His face reminds me of biology documentaries that show how the human face is really asymmetrical. Digital imaging is done to show the left side of the face with the left side, or the right side mirrored with itself. The mirror image of one side is usually very cheery and calm looking and the other with itself looks sinister and disturbing. Very startling, almost frightening--both sides of the Magus, the trickster, and the one who helps you master your life, the one who loves you, the one who will inspire you, and uphold your spirit and contribution.

That wand looks very polarized--both ends could be used, as could the magnet on the ground. Polarity, positive and negative, molecules and atoms and all in a continual dance of polarity, perhaps like the Magician himself? He is both female and male, equal. He loves you to be what you were meant to be, but he will trick you on the way and laugh heartily at the joke, leaving you bewildered but moving forward. Always he gets you out of your chair, passivity is not acknowledged in this land, use your power, MOVE or suffer the consequences, suffer in yourself, passivity is not in his game. Watch it, watch it, he'll get annoyed and then his tricks will come out, he will confuse you and remind you that you have discarded your self-determination, your responsibility.

His table seems to be hovering, the shadow is under the legs but not connected. And he is floating too like the table. Not quite touching the ground, not quite grounded in reality, not quite able to be caught! The mask laughing and winking, clownlike in its omniscient laughter at you for not paying attention. If these are our changing emotions, he will play them like the master actor he is, he will lie, he will make you hate him, but you WILL be active, and engaged.

Dice, fate, the random chaos of numbers and speech ballons, one eye fixed, one eye roaming, examining, solving, compelling others to fulfill their lives.

Little Baron

Re: No One Wants to Examine the Magus

freesiaskye said:
Dice, fate, the random chaos of numbers and speech ballons, one eye fixed, one eye roaming, examining, solving, compelling others to fulfill their lives. [/B]

Loved that description Freesiaskye!

Also, I never realised that was a magnet. Makes so much sense now. I thought it was a great big bendy wand LOL



The Magician looks rather serious, probably because he’s concentrating on... uh... well, on whatever it is he’s doing.

The distinctly different sides of his face and the mask hanging from the table, make me feel that Hasan is rather unpredictable and manipulative. I think you never know whom exactly it is you’re dealing with when you come across this guy.

Hasan (and everything around him) seems to be hovering above the ground – he can bend the rules of gravity :eek: – he is ungraspable, incalculable! Hmm, bend, ey? Perhaps that explains that thing on the ground, which really looks to me like a giant, deformed wand (like the one he’s holding in his hands), even though I like the interpretation of a magnet. The bent wand shows to me that Hasan can change, deform things to what he wants them to be – including the truth? His hat shows speech balloons; this guy is convincing and sly, and probably able to talk you into doing anything!

On the table and the ground are dice and building blocks with numbers – I think Hasan is very much the kind of person that creates his own fate and doesn’t just submit himself to others. As Graham says, Hasan holds the potential to create his own reality... The building blocks also show his logical, analytical mind.

In the other thread on the Magician (isn't it possible to merge these two threads?), Joya writes:
joya250 said:
And where the heck is his right arm?? haha. One hand behind his back... slight of hand... he's got tricks up his sleeve.
I hadn't noticed this at all, but it's indeed very significant and appropriate!


Little Baron

Great post Spoonbender. I like the idea of the building blocks showing his analytical mind. Nice take.