Phantasmagoric: darwinia's oscilloscope


darwinia said:
I've got the urge to build an oscilloscope. I might have a quick hunt around for Doc Boobles and see if he can arrange to help me move it out of my studio.
darwinia has proposed an oscilloscope project for
The Phantsmagoric Theater Tarot Study Group

here's a neat model I borrowed from my cousin:

The first step awaits... any takers? Wait! I think I hear...


Paging Doctor Lock, Paging Doctor Lock. . .

I understand that Sebastian, who is known to be a computer geek, has some new software allowing his personal computer to be turned into an oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, and a meter.

After sticking himself with several pins in the attempt to annotate waveforms with notes, he opened the Help file in the program and has stopped rushing to set up user defined test menus before he has a firm grip on connecting probes.

Sebastaian is hoping to catch Tom-Tom in the act of stealing Bundie's favourite new toy by setting the oscillosope software to trigger mode which allows the capture of large amounts of complex data at high speeds.

This of course is something the Sandtwitchers learned to do in Kindergarten, but Sebastian lacked the alertness for such functions at the age of six, and was more interested in the Fire Wand Circus.