Phantasmagoric Justice 11

Little Baron

Hi everyone

If you read my post in the 'spread' section, you will know that I am hot, confused and have had enough of my college project. I am using tonights time to try and get on with it so will not be putting my thoughts for this card down this evening.

However, you go ahead and post your opinions and I will add mine when I can.

The card is JUSTICE.

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Those scales look like they're floating in a bubble- Justice a fragile concept that needs vigilant watching lest it be burst. And she looks as though she is quite ready and willing to defend it. I see the puzzle piece indicates feminine qualities. She has the two green "columns" on either side, rather like the High Priestess, and looks to be pregnant, a la the Empress. She also looks to be a bit of a giantess, or maybe she is just very close? And rather than a bubble, maybe the scales are against a full moon. Then there is the red (battle) ground. So, she seems ready to do battle, but in some "female" way, which I'm thinking (tarot wise) would mean in defense only. Upholder and defender of fair play, I wouldn't hesitate to run behind her if I were being picked on in the playground. And she won't be one of those noon duty supervisors who never sees anything they don't want to, either. With a big and little eye she sees both the big picture and the minutae. If you are innocent, she has a heart on her cheek; if you've done wrong, she has some whet stones attached to her legs for sharpening her sword; and if you've done something really heinous, you don't want to know what she's got behind her back.



The first thing I noticed in this were all the gorgeous blue and purple colour gradations in Elouisa's hair. It's like a grape popsicle or something. Graham uses gradations elsewhere in the deck but they are quite startling here.

She is wearing Capri pants and flats--just like Mary Tyler Moore on the old Dick Van Dyke show! Is Elouisa pregnant too, she sure looks it? Perhaps the pregnant pause before deciding on a situation or maybe the thought that your decisions will affect your children and you'd better weigh things carefully?

The bands on her legs remind me of those anklets with tracking devices they put on some criminals now, or even magnets applied for healing. The moonlike or crystal orb with the scales of justice depicted on it is like the ephemeral quality of justice--it can often float away in an instant, or be eclipsed.

Crystals can be so interesting. I have a teensy one-inch quartz crystal with rutiles, and the whole thing looks off-kilter when you look in--there are these planes of glass and metal and you can't quite tell where one starts or which is the main floor of the crystal. Equilibrium is an undulating floor at the carnival funhouse in my crystal. Crystals are like clouds, they look like different things to different people. Who is to say that one is right over the other?

I want to eat her purple hair
Because it is a scale
Of violet and indigo
Spiking for truth
In all directions
And so must I be.


lovely words Freesaskye

I always notice the big belly. I never thought about the possobility of pregnancy, thanks Galadrial for pointing this out.
For me the belly means thats se judges with her feelings. For me the belly is the centre of all emotions. You feel things in your stomach. So someone with a big belly has a big emotional contense.

The heart on her cheek for me meanis compasion and love. She will judge but like the belly alos states not without feelings ..nothing harsh.

I take this card often as advice to just sit down and get in touch with your gut( sp?) Just sitt and see what kind of emotions you have insite. When you know you can make a good decission.


Little Baron

I like this card. I also like her hair. It looks very thick.

I never noticed the little planets in the background which is nice because it makes me feel that the Phantasmagoric live on a little planet of their own somewhere near ours.

I keep looking at the scales over the moon. They look almost like a face - droopy eyelids over looking down eyes. This girl looks like a big friendly giant. I never really thought of her as pregnant though.

I like the idea of what might be behind her back!

Graham Cameron says of this card -
"Balance - Libra
Sitting here in a moment of thought is Elouisa. She represents balance, and holds in her hand a sword, indicating that a serious decision is imminent. Two beanstalks have begun to grow either side of Elouisa, a reminder that bothsides of the story must be considered. Externally she appears to be in control, yet inside she struggles; a new act must be considered. Elouisa understands the divine law that in order to recieve something, we must sacrifice something else in return. It is a law of exchange. When we focus too much time on the material plane, our spiritual life begins to deminish.
Elouisa sits and weighs her thoughts, pondering what new directions to take. She speaks what the concience thinks.
The card of Justice reminds us of the importance of give and take, and to listen before making decisions.
Seek balance and equilibrium, a new viewpoint must be considered.
Reversed: Seeing only our own way, prejudice, misjudgement".


I like this card, but/and I also find it a bit unsettling somehow.
I think it has to do with the one big, one small eye.

I like her a lot; the hair, the belly, the weird galoshes-shoe things she's wearing.

Perhaps the difference in eye-size has to do with the fact that she's still in the middle of pondering, trying to come to a decision, weighing up the different aspects of the situations?

That may also be why the sword is tilted.