Phantasmagoric 13/8 *TomTom*

Little Baron

Didn't think he would stay away for too long! He is our first 'repeat' card. How do you want to work with the repeats? They obviously are important to me as they are my daily draws but do you think that it would be better for me to draw another, rather than working on the same cards? I am sure that there is much more to learn from Tom Tom and also it is always good to revisit the characters for further exploration and also as a recap. Let me know what you think ...

Tom Tom sits infront of me again. This time, I look at him differently than before. Before, he held his head in that 'Don't hit me, I didn't do it' stance. This time, he holds his head, as if to say 'What are you like? You still havn't sorted it out, have you?'. He looks stressed out by the fact that he has had to visit me again but he looks kind with it. It's strange how different he does look to last time. I feel like I know him now, whereas our first meeting was a flirty one which showed him seeing what he could get from the situation.

So where does Tom Tom fit in my life and why did he pay me another visit so soon? I have had no contact with anybody today, aside from my parents. Nobody has demanded anything of me today. I am aware that my ex is coming to stay this weekend so maybe this is a preperation for that. Our relationship can still be a bit fraught and fiery still, even though we split up 3 and a half years ago. Maybe Tom Tom is warning me of how 'spiky' the two of us can be togther and that I need to stand up for myself.

In my self, I have been a bit negative so maybe Tom Tom is suggesting I stand up to that side of my nature as well and strike a bit more of a healthy balance.

Best wishes to you all



Duplicates can be done once again, so you can re-examine the card without a hangover. <g> Otherwise, perhaps a second draw would be better.

Tom Tom has this look in his eyes. They are so big, brimming with liquidity, pools of beauty, with long, pretty eyelashes. He's such a pretty boy, but then I look down at his mouth which seems to be screwed up in a cynical twist belying the sympathy of his eyes. Watchful.

He seems to be torturing the teddy he has stolen by sticking pins in it, and still that implacable look of detachment. He has shark's teeth ornamenting his jacket.
"Oh the shark has
Pretty teeth dear
And he keeps them
Pearly white," Mac the Knife. (Bobby Darin version)

Tom Tom has always seemed a menacing presence to me. The one who lies smoothly and looks so believable with his great eyes of pooled innocence. "Who me?" he says, looking you in the eye with the blankness of someone who doesn't care what he has done and will continue to do exactly as he wants. Yes, I agree with Graham Cameron that it takes courage to challenge him, but underneath I think he actually enjoys being challenged, I don't imagine he gets to play that game too often.

He's holding his head because he can't believe someone had the temerity to question him. He is still, assimilating, yet thinking he kind of enjoys a bit of a challenge now and then. Someone went too far when they lit a match on one of his shark teeth though, he wasn't pleased with that, and he's not quite sure whether to launch into the snit of the year, steal their dolly, or invite them to the grand opening of his new garden centre. Some don't care if he stares at them, some enjoy a challenge as he does, so he remains watchful.

Let's hope he finds a more fulfilling action than to steal and stare and pull a snit if he doesn't get his way.