Phantasmagoric Theatre *10 Swords*

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Todays card is th 10 of Swords - Japonica

Japonica sits at her table. She holds her head. It looks as if she is almost unsrewing it or something; it is like she is removing a mask or something. She wears a pink top with 10 swords on it. On the table, a cup has spilt red liquid over a map. A dice is amongst the liguid, showing the number 3. Japonica looks frustrated and destressed.

Graham Cameron says of this card -
" A drink has spilt over Japonica's map. The map is ruined and so she must travel through the labarinth without it. Japonica is suffering, but she must learn to accept the misfortune and not dwell on her loss. There will be a major change and Japoinica must learn to turn it to her advantage.
The Ten of Swords represents the end of an era. We may feel oss but must accept it.
R: Revenge, unable to accept difficulties"

A less dark '10 of Swords than I am used to. What are your takes?



I don't know Yaboot, i feel like this might even be a worse ten of swords than the ten of swords form the rider waite. But thta might be just one of my little hang ups.
Not knowing were to go...having no idea about what the future might bring...not even the slightest hint. Awful!!!

I'm like Japunica in a way. I need to know were i'm going. I need direction in live. In the rider waite things are at there worst but from there its going up. So at least you got some hint of direction.

Anyway just my feelings. Who knows maybe one day i will learn to like not knowing were i'm going ;)


All Wound Up in Her Mind

10 of Swords

I already posted the lovely poem "Japonica" by Louise Glück in another thread. That poem speaks of change, change we don't welcome, change that startles us, the ways we pretend instead of just moving on, the maze of thoughts in our minds that we uncover from obscurity:

Anyone knows how red wine will stain when spilled. Japonica knows her map is ruined and her chances are floating away like that dice. My how thick the liquid is, like blood. Perhaps she feels she has spilled her blood for nothing since she has no map to guide her? That moment when she grabs her head and says "No, no, no, if only it hadn't happened!" But it did happen, and behind her are the doorways she must go through to discovery. Again, that black and white floor, polarity of thought, it's ALL bad or it's all good. Maybe it's simply more difficult but not impossible Japonica, did you consider that?

The swords on her blouse are all pointing up like the Ace of Swords. Harness your intellect Japonica and reach upward where all is not lost. Part of that map might be useable and you will find your way through the obscured part eventually, as we all do in the Air Sword Labyrinth.


Perhaps Japonica had overmapped her life. She was sitting there with a large, full cup and a definate idea of where she was going in life, only, she hadn't taken into account a few spontaneous occurrences that needed to happen for her actions to be in harmony with the will of the universe. If she'd looked at her Horoscope in "The Onion", she would have read, "The stars would love to influence your future, but they are powerless against your well-established patterns of behavior." Then she might not have been so surprised and anguished when her cup "accidentally" spilled, her map became patchy and her path was suddenly open to unexpected twists and turns. The end of preconceived notions of the "right" route can be painful, but can lead to places of much greater beauty and joy than those we would have travelled to otherwise. Don't rush to make another map, Japonica. Try rolling the dice for awhile, instead.


galadrial said:
If she'd looked at her Horoscope in "The Onion", she would have read, "The stars would love to influence your future, but they are powerless against your well-established patterns of behavior."

The Onion! I'm thinking this might solve the problem of Japonica's crushing sense of profound grief.

Yup, she'll have a cracker day in the Labyrinth tomorrow.

Good call G, you got me to forget the grotesque meaningless charade for a few minutes.

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Devoid of hope, but looking forward to the unctuous illusion of happiness.


Now I know that I take after my mother. My first thoughts when I saw this card were, "Well, wipe it up! It only got on part of the map, you can still save the rest! And you might be able to still read some of the wet parts! Don't worry! We'll figure something out!" Quite a mom-like thing to say, isn't it? :D

Although I don't have kids of my own, I did feel like I was babysitting some real crybabies at work today, so that might be where these feelings come from! ;)




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