Phantasmagoric Theater - Wheel of Fortune 10


I rather like this wheel because there are no figures bound to the rim. The arrows all point out as though, no matter which way fate takes you, it can be an expansive experience. The win and lose signs look like the ones from cartoons- I can almost see the sneaky cartoon character creeping up to switch the signs or turn them in a different direction. So much of whether we are "winning " or "losing" in life is a matter of perception, and while we can't always do much to change outside factors, we can frequently do a lot to change our perception of them and how they will impact us. The chess pieces seem to be the opportunities Graham refers to, to represent free will- the ability to countermove once the wheel has made it's move. However much a situation might momentarily overwhelm us, there comes a point where exerting our will does effect the situation; it behooves us to be "actively passive", watching and waiting for the moment when the storm abates enough that we, rudderlike, can affect the course of the ship again (can you tell my soul/personality card is the Chariot?).
There has definately been a Wheel of Fortune feel to my life lately. There are things happening around me that seem as though they will bring positive change, but that are still evolving and haven't reached any definate conclusion. I chafe at waiting, but there isn't anything to clearly act on yet. "Patience" and "changes coming" are the words for today.

Graham's LWB description: "You are standing upon life's chessboard. Before you is a great wheel. Life is full of both good and bad times. Observe how the theater is held together, with both comedy and tragedy. Upon the wheel a black arrow points upwards; in front of it stand chess piece inhabitants. To either side are signs indicating win or lose. We are not always in control of life; at times a governing law decides our future. The Wheel is continually on the move, taking us from one situation to another. Life will not always move us the way we would like it to , but it will direct us on a path to progress. We must appreciate our good fortune. The Wheel represents the value of life's opportunities.
Divinatory Meaning: Patience, new experiences, changes coming, opportunity in diguise.
Reverse Meaning: A setback, a positive outcome possible only through great expense."


I like it too that the people bound on the wheel are missing.
What i also like about the card is the fact that there are chest pieces on the board. Its a game but still its a game that requires some brainwork.
So you bound by faith but you have some infuence yourself....well atleast thats what the pieces symbolize to me.
And its a never really loose in can always start over. Every change begins with a new game...a new way to play it...a fresh start.