Phoenix tarot

Major Tom

I've had a brief look and your deck does look very nice, almost an art deco sort of style.

Why don't you tell us a little bit about it and you? ;)


Well, I don't like so much to write about myself... anyway I'm Gemini asc. Taurus with Moon in Libra. I work as painter and graphic designer and I bought my first astrology book 20 years ago and my first tarot deck 3 years later, substantialy I consider myself an astrologer instead of a tarot reader. Astrology has a "scientific" approach to the future, with tarots it's harder and often impossible talk about dates. Anyway I don't love tarots less than planets and stars, they have the same archetipes.
I began drawing this deck 11 years ago in Amsterdam, (I was studing fine arts) it is entirely drawn with CorelDraw (and after this training I won also a few prizes and a honourable mention and the Corel World Design Contest) and it is partially ispirated by the Golden Dawn teachments, partially because, as well as every artistic creation, it took at it own life and character at the point that the artist become finally only an amanuensis. Art deco style? mh, perhaps, it's one of my favourite periods, of course I was influenced by the Rider-Waite and the Thot, but I was also limited by the tools. Most of the cards were drawn with a mouse and CorelDraw3 running on a 386 with 2mb ram...


I was curious at your tarot background

and I enjoyed your sharing.

I hope you don't mind my questions.

The Queen of Wands has a modern look to her--I like your designs, but I wondered
if they were more of a personal reaction to
looking at other different tarot designs and saying to yourself that you wanted the Queen to look different...

Or you just drew different versions of cards and choose the one you 'felt' seemed to be like the Queen of Wands?

What book or designs would you suggest that inspired you, if you had any?

Mari H.



youre ONE of the mentions in the International Corel World Contest!?!


I like your cards too :)




Re: Oooo

darkling_raven said:
youre ONE of the mentions in the International Corel World Contest!?!


I like your cards too :)


Yes, I'm one of the ones, I took also a nomination at the 10th contest but, with my great disappointment, it was suppressed. Make a website with all that drawings is not a wrong idea...


When I drawn the Quuen of Wands I was thinking to Vesta, the roman goddess of the hearth: an inner fire hidden behind an exterior quietness, in a kingdom of erupting volcanoes and rivers of magma. Her inner fire/sensulality is shown by the neaked legs and it is protected by her right hand that covers the torch's flame as well as a vestal with the holy fire. The pose was inspirated by the Triptyc of the four elements by Adolf Ziegler, a German painter not "degenerated".

Lady Eclipse

ophrys said:
Phoenix tarot site has been uploaded, please visit it at
Suggestions and comments are welcome.

Hi Ophrys!

HOW did I miss this fabulous deck???!!! Oh my, the cards are positively exquisite. I can easily see why you've won awards. This deck is SO vibrant and does have a Deco feel to them that I love. I simply MUST add this to my wish list. Please tell me they're not all sold out yet...

Joy to you,


Hi Maralee,
I'm glad you like it, I didn't sold all the decks, I'm not so lucky. But there's a change: I printed the booklet, a small one, because in the box there's not space enough.
Joy to you too