Work In Progress


Darkling_raven, thank you so much for sharing your work with us! I think your sketches look very nice - very promising indeed! What more can I say? I love your style and can't wait to see some more!

Keep up the good work!




your work is one of the better things i have seen here. Really, i like your sketches.
I'm curious how it will look like fully finished!



I really like the rams horn wings!!!! Great idea!!

What medium will you be using?


inquiry response

Sponbender, Citizen.
-- Thanks for the kind praise. I will see if I can keep updating it as often as I can. =^.^=

Lune, Resident.
-- Let's hope that the finished result will be coherent, flowing and look like they belong in a set *haha*, coz I have too many haphazard ideas for the cards themselves ... and I don't intend them to have a chaotic effect of mixmatched cards. :p

Skytwig, tattered faerie.
-- I hope i can incorporate the ram's wings, tho' I'm not too sure a profile shot will example the wings as much as I'd like. I was gonna work either with inks and Computer Separation Colours or pencils and watercolours .... I have yet to decide. :)


post more comments, recommendations and constructive criticism, its always welcome =^.^=


All I'd like to add is that going about it by doing a lot of sketching first is a really good working method I think (we sketch everything and it really helps you make decisions). It would be good to see more as you progress.

By the way, I also like the idea of the ram's horns as wings - clever and makes sense :)


You're right, I think the Magician looks like he's about to trip on the cloth wrapped around his feet. He needs them free to move.

The Emperess has a very static left hand (on the right), it deadens the movement of the eye through the picture. Maybe her reaching forward with it? Or doing some energy holding with it (thumb tip to middle or third finger tip, like the Asians use in meditation?). Or something, the hand needs to be active.

Not sure about the Hierophant. The third figure hidden behind is almost 'not there' & the small one in front shows no power, only passive waiting, no eagerness. But mostly I think the male position is too reminiscent of the abuse that's going on in the church with the priests. It's sort of unsettling. Too sexual for what's been exposed to us in the news in the last 2 or 3 years.

If you wanted rams wings seen from the front, why not move away from domestic ram horns to something wilder--basically incorporate the curling kind that Bighorn Sheep have, where it's a full curl & a half, but they jut out to the side enough to recognize them as horns. It also takes away from domesticity & adds a wild touch.


baba-prague said:
By the way, I also like the idea of the ram's horns as wings - clever and makes sense :)
It really strikes me intensely, darkling raven..... Could you have, at least, the rams horns visible, even from a front view? You are so skilled with the drawing that I am sure you could create the horns so that people would know what they are....... :)


Nice work and seems as if you take it seriously...
One thing I want to add, and this is that the sketches are REALLY good, meaning consider weel the final technique you will use, because there is some freshness in them, some quality line, that i wouldn't like the art to loose...
Think even to color them on a separate layer, and keep the sketches as is...Just a thought...

Looking forward for more...:)


From what's been said here I'd love to see what you've got! But my computer can't view geocities hosted web pages. Is there another way I could view them? :)