Hot air balloons - another weird question


First off, thanks to everyone who's been helping me with my strange questions on Aeclectic these days.
Some of you will know that I'm in the process of creating a belly dance tarot.
I'm shortly to go on a hot air balloon flight, and thought this would be not only a memorable experience, but also a photo opportunity.
Any suggestions as to how to work a hot air balloon into one of the cards? If the balloon had the earth conveniently painted on it, The World is an easy choice, but alas, it's more likely to be shaped like an Australian football, or something equally hideous.
hare om,


A picture of the horizon, especially if it includes both land and sea,
would be cool for the World.


I thought Ace of Air at first, but really the hot air balloon embraces all elements, especially fire and air. How about the Fool or Strength card?