I found a really beautiful Russian deck of playing cards on eBay. And although I bought it simply because I wanted a nice deck of cards, I'm now thinking I'd really like to learn to read with them. I've read Tarot for some time, but haven't a clue how to go about reading with these. Can anyone help?


There are many ways to read playing cards--and even learning the Lenormand is one of them. Each of the 36 cards in Lenormand have a playing card number/suit that is also assigned to them. However, that is not the only way to read playing cards.

Hedgewitchery is another way for reading the cards, where all black cards are negative and all red cards are positive. You can google for the meanings of each card with this way of reading.

In fact, I would recommend googling "divining with playing cards" to see the various (and numerous!) ways there are and picking one that you think would be good and try it out. Now with the internet, there are so many sites to help you learn this and you can even find books that will help you with it as well.

Some use all the cards in the deck, where as others, like Lenormand, use only 36 cards, generally cards numbered 6 through Ace.

Many choices out there!


Thanks celticnoodle... Heading off to Hedgewitchery and "divining with playing cards"!!!


I just downloaded a book by Jonathan Dee about fortune telling with playing cards, didn't read it yet. Then there are the Playing Card Oracle cards and book by Ana Cortez - she says you can use her system without her cards, with any deck of playing cards.

I have several decks of wonderful playing cards but find it difficult to read with them because there are SO many systems. I guess I should stick with one and forget the rest but didn't yet find the one that really calls me.

I'll keep an eye on this thread to see what works for you. It may help me settle with a system and start working with them already.


Thanks Nemia. With my $40/mo. plan for iPhone and no computer, I can only dream about downloading anything :-/ but I did find an interesting system by following celticnoodle's advice: GOOGLE!!! So in this system, the suits are the same as in Tarot (swords/air etc.) but each # is represented by a planet (1/sun, 2/moon, etc.) and each court card is represented by an astrological sign (King of Clubs/Aries, Queen of Clubs/Leo, etc.) Combining planets with elements or sun signs appeals to me somehow. I found a wonderful sight ( which has a great list of key words for both planets and sun signs: ASTROLOGICAL KEYWORD SYSTEM of Analyzing Character and Destiny by J.D.
So I'll be thinking on that...and Meanwhile, I'm off to check out Ana Cortez! Thanks again...


Just read BC's review of the Playing Card Oracle here on the Forum, and found this coincidental bit interesting: "Connection is made between the 52 cards in the deck, and the structure of 52 weeks in a year. According to the introduction, playing cards are a perfect reflection of a Fixed Lunar Calendar." Don't 'ya just LOVE it?!?! Yes. I'm thinking the astrological system is the one for me!


PS: I just downloaded the book by Jonathan Dee you recommended, Nemia. No sweat. And now I feel like a nitwit... But there is SO MUCH there regarding this business of the lunar calendar!!! I think you'll find it really interesting Nemia


Reading playing cards for divination is called cartomancy, and there are many free resources available online. Some of our local fortune tellers prefer this to the Tarot, and some people I know swear by them. If you missed the Playing Cards subforum here, this is the link:


Thanks so much EmpyreanKnight! I only looked at the first link briefly... 11:20 here and I NEED sleep. I'll post tomorrow after I've had time to check out both. Much obliged.