Reading Wild Unknown VS Reading Rider-Waite Decks

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Submit your thoughts about learning to identify the Wild Unknow deck versus other decks such as the Rider-Waite deck. What were some of your ideas, tricks, or exercises you use to be able to read and connect with the Wild Unknow. A deck without people, places, ect tend to be harder to relate to. Any tips or tricks to connect.


One of the things I primarily love about this deck is that it doesn't contain any human images. I have always found that rather distracting, since there are no decks that have human images that I can relate to on every card. There are always a few (and sometimes many) cards with human figures that simply don't resonate with me on any level.

With animals and images of things found in nature, I can feel the meaning on a more visceral, intuitive level without having to cut through the cultural, social, or stereotypical layers that imbue most other decks. While there are similarities between TWU and RW, I feel this deck enters a new realm with Tarot reading, so I try not compare the two and just let this deck stand on its own.

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I really admire your response and observations. The difficulty I have right now is likely trying to compare the two decks, but as you have said, the TWU deck stands on its own very well. Thank you


I have a really hard time relating to the minors in this deck, and I find there is little detail to relate to intuitively. So I got the app for my phone, and this seems to be more helpful, as the explanation for the cards - within their positions in the created readings - are very good, and really help one to understand how the cards were intended to be interpreted by the artist.

I love the deck because it has so many lovely animals in it, but yes, this can make it hard to read. I assume with time and patience, we shall get the hang of it! :)

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The thing I am trying to work with is not specifically the meanings, but trying to get a feeling from each card. As I look at them, I try to feel the energy I obtain and what comes to mind. I have also decided to took at the animals and their characteristics that Kim Krans has used in the deck. I find the traits of the animals helps define the cards as well.
I have the app as well, and although I am not a huge fan of the computer gererated tarot programs, I really like the app and what it has to offer. Galaxy Tone, the company who made the app, looks like they created much of what the guidebook offers.


Hi Wild Unknown,

I was using the Tarot de Marseilles as my main reading deck before coming to The Wild Unknown Tarot.. I do like the Rider-Waite-Smith system but I find the scenes to be very limiting and prefer to use number, element and image to get my interpretation of the cards.

In the The Wild Unknown Tarot: study group & discussion thread someone asked me how I read with the Wild Unknown Deck and I posted this:
Maybe you'll find it useful..

If you haven't read through the threads in this study group, I'd really recommend doing so, especially if you're struggling with the symbolism..
There is an index thread with every thread in this study group listed at the top of the Wild Unknown forum. Here's a link: The Wild Unknown Tarot study group index thread

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Excellent reference to your previous post. Very helpful. Thank you

Ace of Stars

When I read with the Wild Unknown, I certainly think of the Rider-Waite meanings a bit -- I think of how they relate to the image -- but then I let the energy of the card in interplay with the cards around it speak to me. It's an amazing deck!!


I backordered a copy from Amazon and it will arrive soon. It just seemed so unique and well thought out energetically.. but then I had a dark really creepy dream about it.. the cards were wondering who ordered them and were checking me out psychically, yikes! I know. Sounds crazy, but it made me consider cancelling the order. Those of you who have been working with the deck - what do you think of the energy? Do you feel it puts a dark spin on your readings? Do you think the images would be useful in reading health related questions?

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I think the energy of the deck's imagery is very vibrant and lively, overall. Even a card with just a group of sticks arranged geometrically with lines behind them stimulates my intuition and imagination. I don't think the cards are dark. However, I don't anthropomorphize tarot cards, so I wouldn't say that the deck itself -- nor any deck -- gives off a particular kind of energy. The art can evoke feelings and prompt one's intuition, but I feel it is a combo of artwork, reader, and querent that create whatever energy happens during a reading. So, basically what you bring to the table and the energy you create is up to you.