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isthmus nekoi

Hi all! As you can see, I've begun to compile astrological resources. If you have a book or website or class etc to recommend to me, please post it here and I will add it to the list!


The Inner Sky by Steven Forrest
An Astrological Guide to Self-Awareness by Donna Cunningham
How to Read your Astrological Chart by Donna Cunningham

I really learned a lot from these three books. They're also fairly straightforward.


I'll compile a list of websites - I have loads of them in favourites. However for all book buyers the absolute best site in the UK (and indeed one of the best internationally) is:

You can take out subscriptions to The Mountain Astrologer and their book list is fantastic.


I have to recommend the correspondence course I'm taking. It's "Astrology: The Cosmic Pattern" by Joanne Wickenburg. The course is in six units, and you can pay for one unit at a time. Each unit costs $80 U.S., and consists of five or six one-hour lessons on cassette tape, plus workbooks. There are homework assignments (multiple choice) to send in to Joanne, who will correct and return them. The course is very comprehensive, covering introduction to planets, signs, houses, aspects; chart calculation and construction by hand; introductory, intermediate and advanced chart interpretation; and transits and progressions. She has separate units for solar return charts and horary. After spending much time researching correspondence courses, I can tell you that this course is among the best in quality and is certainly the most cost-effective.

-- Lee :)

isthmus nekoi

Thanks for the suggestions :) I've added them into the list, along w/other gems mentioned in previous posts! Check it out ^_^


  • Stephen Arroyo: Chart Interpretation Handbook. CRCS 1989

    Bernadette Brady: Predictive Astrology, Weiser, 1999

    Donna Cunningham: Healing Pluto Problems, Weiser, 1986

    Gail Fairfield: Choice Centred Astrology. Weiser, 1998

    Liz Greene & Howard Supportas: The Luminaries, Weiser, 1992

    Karen Hannaker Zondag: Foundations of Personality, Weiser 1994

    Karen Hannaker-Zondag: The Twelfth House, Weiser, 1992

    Rae Orion: Astrology for Dummies, IDG Books n.d.

    Martin Schulman: Karmic Astrology, Weiser, 1975

    Jan Spiller: Astrology for the Soul, Bantam 1997

    Erin Sullivan: Retrograde Planets, Weiser, 2000

Not sure whether I've mentioned these :)


All very good

Martin Schulman's Karmic series comes in four volumes

Volume 1 Nodes and Reincarnation

Volume 2 Retrogrades and Reincarnation

Volume 3 Joy and the Part of Fortune

Volume 4 The Karma of The Now.

Erin Sullivan also wrote Saturn in Transit

Bernadette Brady - Predictive Astrology - The Eagle and The Lark

Robert Hand - Planets in Transit

Nancy Anne Hastings - Secondary Progressions A Time To Remember

Tracy Marks - The Astrology of Self Discovery

Carol Rushman - The Art of Predictive Astrology

Kevin Burk - Astrolgoy, A Comprehensive Guide To Classical Interpretation

Robert Hand - Horoscope Symbols


William Lilly - Christian Astrology

Good Introductory Texts

Nicholas Campion - The Practical Astrologer

Parker's Astrology

Alan Oken's Complete Astrology

isthmus nekoi

Thanks, those are both great lists :) I've also opened up the thread so ppl can add their reviews.


Two books I have recently read and would add to resources:

Essential Dignities - Lee Lehman

The Real Astrology - John Frawley