rest in peace, colin fry


"It is with much sadness and regret to announce that the Reverend Colin Fry, Britain’s most loved and respected Spiritualist Medium, lost his fight against cancer and passed away peacefully in Hospital in the early hours at 2:50am this morning."

I don't have any books by him. yet I just saw the news and thought to myself another one gone to the stars.


I had no idea he was ill, I loved watching his shows on telly and his guest appearances on Most haunted.

RIP Colin Fry


I really liked watching him, always wanted to see him live, sadly I never got around to it, my thoughts and prayers are with his family at this time.


Wonderful man with a beautiful gift RIP Colin


I knew of him and saw him on tv but read today that he used his mediumship skills to bring peace and comfort to many people as a sort of vocation in life. Sadly he died of lung cancer today at the age of 53. This is his last interview with him here. Made almost a year ago, he does talk about death.

He says...
I have absolutely no problem whatsoever with the idea that a time is going to come when I'm going to put this body aside. And I'm quite happy to leave it behind - it'll probably be worn out by then.

:( RIP


Yes he was far too young - I wasn't a great fan but think as he got older he got nicer, a gentle person. We lost another of the great mediums.