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7 swords

when i first saw this card, i always thought he was climbing over the wall towards the tents, but now looking closer he looks like he is leaving and doesnt want to be seen (sneeky) he also looks like he could have taken the other 2 swords with him, but for some reason he is leaving them behind, he reminds me of the hanged man and sacrifice, i dont think he seems angry either, he looks like hes thinking of what to do next


Seven of Swords

The figure in Robin's "Seven of Swords" certainly appears as if he's up to no good. But I'm reminded that I'm prone to get into trouble when I flippantly assume anything, especially when I judge someone by appearance, even when coupled with action. It would be, as always, very important to study what cards surround the Seven of Swords in a spread, as well as to take into consideration the question asked, the querent and/or who the figure may represent, and the type of spread used. After all, this guy could be taking back something, perhaps important information for which he was the author/creator of (hard-earned knowledge, swords being an air card), that was stolen from him. He appears desperate, as well he would be, if someone absconded with something of great significance or value to him. If, as a reader, I felt inclined to think the above situation was happening, I would wonder who stole from who and why, and I would look for guidance in the rest of the cards in the spread.

Of course we could also look at the opposite of the above scenario. This man may be truly a thief, stealing something valuable that belongs to others. It's interesting to me that he's not doing his dirty deed in the dark of night. Yes, it is overcast and yes, no one seems to be about in the background. Rather brazen of the guy to do his deed during the day! I'm reminded that things CAN be stolen right in front of our faces, when we'd least expect it. I'm sure pick pockets would grudgingly admit this is so! Perhaps a gentle word of warning should be given by the reader if this sentiment seems to stand out in a reading.

The swords the thief (if he IS a thief) is carrying are unsheathed. With such a large bundle under his arm, the sharp edges have the potential to cause harm to him. Maybe the knowledge he's taking will prove to be more dangerous to the man than he imagined. Or perhaps that stolen information will cause harm to others yet unaware of who is now in possession of it. No matter what, if something THAT significant is taken, someone is bound to grieve greatly over the loss.

Robin did point out in her book that the flap of one of the tents IS open and perhaps someone is just waiting for the right moment to catch the crook. If that's the case, then someone best act quick 'cause the thief looks like he'll be able to make it over the stone wall without too much effort...he even has foot-stones within the wall itself to help him with his escape. Is the querent or someone inquired about making it inadvertently easy for someone to rip them off? Hmmm. If so, perhaps a security check and/or security precautions are in order.

The two swords which the thief left, stuck upright into the ground behind the wall, have in the past been sometimes puzzling to me. Robin wrote, "He hasn't left them (ie. the victims) off-balance after all. If this card shows a situation that the Seeker is trying to deal with, you may want to point out those two swords, and remind her that she has not been left without defense or knowledge after all." Many thieves aren't professionals (they could even be someone the querent knows well)...this one appears to be possibly sloppy by leaving evidence (the two swords) behind. Perhaps the querent needs to look closely to uncover any tracks the thief failed to cover up. Some research may be necessary to get to the bottom of the situation. The querent probably needs to keep his/her eyes wide open and be willing to accept the truth that's possibly more clear than he/she is willing to admit.


One of the things I recently realized about the Seven of Swords is that it could indicate a slacker. Someone who only does a minimal, half-assed job and is just looking to get by. Why else would he have only stolen 5 swords?


Thank you for posting this thread. I'm going to reread it soon. The 7 of Swords has always been a mystery to me, because I also pull it during "good" readings of prosperity and hopefulness. It's made me want to look at it closer lately.




Apart from the obvious, theft, I read the other day that it can also mean courage and looking after a family. I can relate to that in the sense that he can also be moving towards the tents, his home/family, with goodies they need to survive. So basically the courage to do whatever it takes to look after your family, or yourself for that matter (which still includes theft). This sort of explains the open tent, being his home it would be open, welcoming so to speak.
On this card from this deck it also seems to me as if he's moving towards the tents, not from them.

A total different meaning is of course sheer theft. The 2 swords left behind could be to cover your tracks, it's less obvious if you don't take everything.

I also think there can be a meaning to the nicked goodies being swords, related to air, which stands for mental processes, thoughts etc. He might be stealing other's ideas if you see him as moving from the tents.
But he can also be planting his ideas in someone else's camp, which comes down to getting what you want or manipulation.

I also feel the appropriate meaning should be derived by using the surrounding cards, intuition or position/question. Whatever it is, it's done in a sneaky way. If it's done right under your nose, as was suggested by someone and is very likely, you will easily see it if you "focus" as it's not pitch black and the person is clearly behaving and dressed oddly, so he sticks out.

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Sometimes deceit can be the better part of valour.