Rune casting on a fit of piqued interest


Just now, even at my console, I decided to ask the question "how will participation in the aeclectic forum effect my spirituality?"...
This is what i got..
(btw, my general casting consists of drawing two runes together, followed by two more separately...)

Inguz, Othila,

Personally, I see this as both a blessing and a warning...The fertility promised by NG, coupled with O suggests that I will learn much, and become a stronger person in situations closer to home. A suggests that I will be required to 'pay' for these gains, although whether this will be in the form of returning energy through my own posts here is not clear. It also sets the spiritual tone for NG.
Z, however, presents the possibility that I will need to define the boundaries of my own mind while I reside here, and not let the views of others overwhelm me.

I'm looking forward to this now...;-)


Having never Rune Casted, I know not of what you directly speak. But it does sound like you participation in this forum could provide insights beyond your normal vision....

Stay tuned!!



you have never ruin casted? well come on over to my place, i'll make the coffee and we can cast away!

love and light,

ps i think that caution on any 'group or forum' is good advise for all........but the benefits of learning will be great!


Bright Stave: fertility, new beginnings, inner fire, work, bounty, groundedness, balance, rest stage, internal growth, gestation
Murk Stave: impotence, scattering, movement without change

Bright Stave: home, separation from outsiders, retreat, inheritance, individual liberty, permanence, freedom, group order
Murk Stave: lack of order, totalitarianism, slavery, poverty, homelessness

Bright Stave: mouth, messages, signals, power, authority, no emotion, justice, inspiration, transformation, words, synthesis
Murk Stave: misunderstanding, delusion, manipulation, boredom

Bright Stave: elk, protection, repelling of evil forces, assistance, support, a mentor, awakening, higher life, connection with the gods
Murk Stave: hidden danger, loss of divine link, vulnerability

I don’t usually lay the runes in a specific pattern, I drop them on the casting cloth from about a foot above the cloth. With the reading you did, I don’t know which runes are bright staved and which (if any) are murked. I would basically say that Inguz shows the newness and fertile ground that you have found here. Othila lets you know that you are welcome here. There are lots of messages here to give inspiration as seen in Ansuz but also the possibility for misunderstanding. Finally, the support and mentoring that is seen in Algiz is represented as is the vulnerability that comes with opening up to others. Welcome to the group. I look forward to learning from you!


shame-faced confession

I haven't actually heard the terms 'bright' and 'murk'-staved before....
does that mean facing/reversed, or is it something entirely different...

and thankyou for your welcome..

(btw..can you recommend a rune set that you have had sucess with?)


Bright staves and murk staves: I think what we have here is a case of some people using Rune Staves, and others using Rune Stones. If you use Staves, you are more likely to use the terms Bright and Murk, although I know nothing about them! Just a guess though....



that would make sense...
but i'm intrigued now...


Hi all,
The best set of runes would be a set you make yourself. Some people find stones or pebbles that are all about the same size and paint the runes on the stones. Some people use a branch of a tree and cut disks or sticks from the branch and mark them by carving or wood burning. I had a tree that had been in my backyard for a long time and it was dying. To honor this tree and as a final remembrance, I took a branch about an inch and a half (4 cm) in diameter and made my runes by cutting disks and wood burning the rune markings. They work very well for me. I have a couple of store bought sets, one of stone and one of clay, but neither one works as well as the ones I made. (I think it is about the energy that goes into making them that is important, not that I am a talented rune maker, which I'm not.) As for bright and murk stave, this is similar to upright and reversed meanings in tarot but not as simple to spot. A lot of things can make a rune have a murked meaning and sometimes it is just intuition. The rune symbol could be reversed or facing in a different direction from the other runes. The entire rune could have the marked side face down. A rune could end up landing away from the others or even underneath or on top of another rune. If the runes are drawn one at a time and placed in a spread, then some of these positions don’t happen. I usually shake the bag of runes, reach in and grab a handful, shake these in my cupped hands and drop them on the casting cloth from about a foot (30 cm) above the cloth. Surprisingly, the pattern that the runes fall in usually forms a "connect the dots" pattern in the shape of one of the runes. I read this as the main response to the question and then start getting details from the individual runes. Like tarot, there are as many ways to read runes as there are people who read runes. But, I hope this answers some of your questions.


Thanks Raeanne...that clears up some things...

About making a rune set...I actually did do that once, but I didn't use standard Norse Runes, i just used the symbols the stones 'gave' me...each one has its own distinct character...