Russian Tarot Lubok


I don't have it but I did find the information page for it from where you can order:

I found it while searching for more info on the deck. You'll have to use Google Translate on it, though. I hope that helps!


Thanks for finding that link; I'll try translating it!


Keywords are almost identical in English translations.


I'm really having trouble with that website. Has anyone obtained the deck yet? I would really like to have one!

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It looks like the link from Aeclectic's page takes you to an english site. I like the deck but it costs $99.00 - geesh!


Yes - the $99 was the killer for me. I wonder if we could all BEG together ?


I managed to fiddle through the russian site using google chrome with english translations. They take paypal and want 3900 rubels for the basic version (no book, no online training), shipping is free, at least to Germany. The price translates to 67 euros (something like 72 USD).

Still anything but cheap, but the deck just looks too brilliant to ignore.