Sabian Symbols Study Group: Aries Degree 17 - #17


purple_scorp said:
I'd be interested to discuss this card again, once you've watched that movie, because I'm sure it will put yet another perspective on this symbol for you.

I had the chance to watch this movie recently.....Ladies in Lavender...and yes, it did change my perspective of this symbol, significantly. The two sisters actually complemented one another. Ursula was highly spirited and emotional......Janet was down to earth and methodical.

Their days before the young man washed ashore were pleasant, balanced and flowing naturally with the rhythms of the earth. But after he arrived, each day became more productive and filled with joy and creative acts on their part. For the short time he was in their life, their energies together manifested in the form of life, happiness, money and love and co-existed with the earth they lived and breathed on. Together they became co-creators through the field of energy of the universe and this young man. And everyone in the village benefited from his humble power.....the law of gravity is a physical law.....the law of attraction is a metaphysical one. All combined together= the energy of creation.

A remarkable movie purple_scorp. I look forward to discussing it with you and the others again.

tink :love:


Hey tink,

glad you liked the movie.

I don't know that the women were participating in life before the man arrived. Probably more so spectating. His arrival sparked something deep and new within them and, it was as though they were getting a second chance to feel and experience things they'd not come across before.

Tremendous community spirit in that town too, like when they all sat in the room, listening to the young man's performance across the radio.

Hmm, a real feel-good movie.

with love


huredriel said:
Well I had an idea of what this meant, but wasn't 100% sure, having never heard it before :bugeyed: :D

Googling brought forward:

Complete separation.


And this makes me think of what has been discussed so far (Aries 1-16) .......... the message of healing the separation ......... is it possible that these two ladies are sitting in silence because they've received the brownie message (karmic symbol) and realised that they now need to come together & heal ........ instead of being two separate entities, they need to merge ....... since this is Aries, and the I AM, the self. Could the two spinsters merely be aspects of the same person? Makes me think of a split personality actually :D .......... oops, that then triggers other thoughts, but will save those for now cos am at work!
Hmmmm, just had a thought float of in of conjoined/Siamese twins ....... anyone else think that?