Sacred Circle Study-Knight of Disks


I thought it would be interesting to do one of the court cards, and the Knight of Disks jumped out at me. He is the most steady and least warlike of the Knights, and tonight I find that very appealing.

The picture shows a serious faced young man doing weapons practice in a high meadow. Below him can be seen "winter-ploughed fields", in a farming valley. He stands in high grass and is framed by Holly. His sword and shield are burnished and well cared for. He is dressed in a 'practical' Celtic/medieval manner, in green and gold.
Keyword at top of card is “Husbandry”

Hopefully, Fulgoar will post pix, for those without a deck. I am posting information from the book, for those who do not have it.

I like this card a lot. The stance, which looks stiff and awkward becomes reasonable and focused, if I think of it as being a snapshot of a guy at weapons practice. Fighting season is over, and will not resume until after the spring planting. Still, he is methodically practicing to keep his skills up for the coming fighting season. “the knights lesson is that of steady and consistent effort, steady and reliable.”

The Holly has a lot of significance. It is the totem plant of the Holly (winter) king, who fights the Oak (summer) king for the hand of the Goddess each year. Therefore, it is a symbol of winter.

Holly remains lush and green through the winter, and is called tinne in the Ogham alphabet, which means fire,( says the book). From it comes our word, tinder. Holly is an unusual wood in that it burns when freshly cut--most woods need to dry out first. It is a "dense stable wood that contains little water".
“Holly was used in making spear shafts, giving them strength and potent life force.” “Holly calls upon the seeker to recognize inner strengths to dispense with petty jealousies and frustrations, and to learn the value of personal sacrifice.”

The use of Holly in Britain dates from Roman times, when it was used as a decoration during the Roman Winter Solstice festival, Saturnalia. It made the transition into the Christmas season, which is remarkable because the early church fathers regarded Saturnalia as the open golden gates of hell—total sin and depravity. Much worse than “Girls Gone Wild.”

So, Waddaya think?



Knight of Discs

The Tarot has an extremely puzzling feature to it when it comes to
the Court Cards: there are 16 of them, and only 12 Zodiac signs.

The Sacred Circle Tarot:

King: an element (usually Aces)
Queen: mutable qualities (usually Knights)
Knight: fixed qualities (usually Kings)
Pages: cardinal qualities (usually Queens)

which basically means...
King: an element: Air Fire Earth Water
Queen: mutable qualities: Gemini Virgo Sagittarius Pisces
Knight: fixed qualities: Taurus Leo Scorpio Aquarius
Pages: cardinal qualities: Aries Cancer Libra Capricorn


Go Ye Ogham!

A possible key to the Sacred Circle's system of qualities:

I've been working on my notes, and of course making lists,
and one of the things I've repeatedly encountered is the
13 months and the particular tree (Ogham) asscociations.

Experts swoop shambly about on the connection between
Ogham and the Celtic calendar, and then gurgle as to what
is the most truly and hurrahful version (as experts must).

That means I get to decide for myself just as I please!
So: If beginning just prior to the Autumn Equinox, and
when better to take stock, look ahead, and have a party?!!
I like the idea of "starting" the year right after harvest time:

MUIN Sep 2 - Sep 29 (Vine)
GORT Sep 30 - Oct 27 (Ivy)
NGETAL Oct 28 - Nov 24 (Reed)

RUIS Nov 25 - Dec 23 (Elder)
BETH Dec 24 - Jan 20 (Birch)
LUIS Jan 21 - Feb 17 (Rowan)

NION Feb 18 - Mar 17 (Ash)
FEARN Mar 18 - Apr 14 (Alder)
SAILLE Apr 15 - May 12 (Willow)

UATH May 13 - Jun 9 (Hawthorn)
DUIR Jun 10 - Jul 7 (Oak)
TINNE Jul 8 - Aug 4 (Holly)
COLL Aug 5 - Sep 1 (Hazel)

Given dates by Gerry Maguire Thompson

Funny thing too, here: these 13 months dovetail
the 12 signs of the zodiac in a very magical way...


Sacred Circle Knight of Disks

He’s sitting here by the computer looking at me. I am finding him to be a comforting presence. He seems so solid, so one with the earth. He's standing in the high grass, I can’t see his feet. He probably has feet, but gives the impression of being rooted, deep in the earth.

I am reminded of the very early proto Robin Hood tales, where the lord of the land was of the land and would give his life’s blood to protect it. It was his responsibility. There was no place he’d rather go. There is no thing he’d rather do, than be with and nourish and care for the land, the crops, the stock, and the people on it.

Times changed, and it became necessary for the lord to sometimes leave the land in defense of the greater Land, for that too was part of his service, but I think it always hurt him to go, and he left it as slowly as possible, and returned to it quick as he could. The place itself held his heart above the love for wife or child or any other being.

As a person, then, this is a methodical person, detail oriented, in that each thing must be done right so that the whole must be right. Not a great talker, but a person with world-class speaking silences. If he gives you his word, you can take it to the bank. His kindness is proverbial. But if once you take advantage of him, if once you betray his trust, be warned, He will never forgive or forget

Do not be misled by his Knighthood that he is some romantic dashing young man. He is neither romantic nor dashing, and even as a young man is gravely serious. It is not that he will not love the people around him, his love is quiet, manifesting by doing, not saying. It is more accurate to say that when he loves, it is as deeply and stubbornly as the earth itself, and it is a slow gradual process. His loyalty lies deep in his bones, and never wavers.
Samwise is a Knight of Pentacles.

He is earth, but he is fire of earth. The fires are banked, and will spring into a great blaze only if really needed. He has a deep, slow burning energy that goes on and on and on. None of that flashy wand stuff, or frisky air stuff, or even that demented emotional tunnel vision cup stuff. He is rooted in the earth and everything he does is slow and steady, like Ents moving. As the Ents are the guardians of the forest, the Knight of Pentacles is the Guardian of the Land.


Great!! thank you. :)
Hope you'll be posting your thoughts o this deck here soon.....we got lotsa room for more !


Thank you, Magpie9.

Looking at this card I begin to feel that I am not doing all the work I'm supposed to be doing. I should be studying more, working harder, putting more into various projects. He seems to be saying "get cracking".

One thing that gives this feeling is the neatly ploughed fields in the background, that speak of work done already to prepare for the future. Also there is a sense of urgency to his methodical practice, because what he is practicing is necessary to survival. It doesn't look like a pleasant day (grey sky) and yet here he is practicing as he did yesterday and will tomorrow. Because his life and the lives of those he cares for depends on it.




I have this deck and would like to join in, I live in the southern hemisphere so the Spring Equinox has just passed us by with Beltane coming up on October 31st , (Samhain for you guys!) the suit of Discs is associated with winter June through to August for us so if this card came up in a reading for me I would say that I might get some news in these months in regards to what I was asking about, this of course depends on surrounding cards and if I even wanted to time some thing. I follow the witches way in that the elementals are represented at the four cardinal points of the compass, so Discs are winter, north,earth. Wands are Summer, south,fire. Swords are Spring, east air. and Cups are Autum, west,water. I hope this isn't confusing! The Knight of Discs to me looks to be in his middle thirty's, with a world weary look on his face as if he is sick and tired of defending his way/property or what he belives in. I have the book of The Sacred Circle Tarot but I do not like their version of the meanings of the cards, I find them very negative, so I don't use them at all. I love the symbolism explanations though as I follow the pagan path, I would highly recomend Tarot for the Green Witch by Ann Moura for working with this deck. I also feel this card is telling you to look at what is infront of you ie the sword pointing to the ground. Blessings to you!


Knight of Disks has a solidity that is reassuring. His feet planted firmly on the ground as if they are literally in the ground; of deep roots to anchor him & also to sustain him in his endeavours.

Though of few words, he is thoughtful & his actions attest to his applications. Dependable & loyal, accepts responsibility as part of the way of things. Preparation is characteristic of such as he: plans ahead prior to instituting any action. Thus he is ready to meet whatever may be heading his way, be it bad weather or enemy. Neither stress nor fear shows, but a quiet acceptance of that which needs to be.

He more than other knights understands the importance of aligning the will with the land. In that understanding is the acknowledgement that a respectful relationship between man & the land he partakes of needs to exist first. Like unto a symbiotic relationship where both parties need each other & benefit from the association.

As Knight of Disks gives his hand & will not withdraw it until a task is complete or goal is reached, so will he keep to his word. He is steady like a rock, like the firmament he plants his feet on. His is an enduring energy that receives it sustenance from the earth, to which he will return in kind whence his time is done.