Sexual Compatibility Spread


I haven't seen any spreads dealing with the sexual aspects of a relationship so I decided to make one myself. Let's be honest: It's important and everyone wants to ask. Please read the notes for some clarification.


1. Your natural sexual nature (how you approach sex/sexual acts.)
2. Your partner's natural sexual nature (how they approach sex/sexual acts.)

NOTE: These two cards describe BOTH attitudes AND behaviors. It tells you WHAT THEY ARE GENERALLY LIKE. [For example, if you got the 8 of Pentacles it could mean that they're dedicated and put in the effort to learn how to please you. They might not be great the first few times but as things progress, they will get better and better. They believe in finding out exactly how to get their partner off and do see it as a kind of task.]

3. What you need in a sexual partner (to be sexually fulfilled.)
4. What they need in a sexual partner (to be sexually fulfilled.)
5. What you will be able to give them sexually.
6. What they will be able to give you sexually.

NOTE: 5 and 6 are needs you/you're partner will be able to fulfill for one another. [If, say, you pull the Knight of Wands for Slot 6 you'll be able to be an adventurous, shameless, and bold partner for them that will help them explore their sexual desires and kinks more or whatever.]

7. What will the sex generally be like between you? (Description.)
8. Will it be good or bad sex?

NOTE: There's a difference between these two questions. You could pull the 2 of Swords for Slot 7 and get the Sun for slot 8.

9. Advice on how to make sex fulfilling for both partners. (General advice on how to reconcile both sexual natures successfully/in a way where both are happy and satisfied.)

Let me know how this works out for you and any questions, comments or concerns.


Great Spread!

Thanks..The Hydra for making such an awesome spread! I also noticed that there weren't really any specific 'sexual compatibility" spreads like this. So happy that you made it! I will definitely be adding it to my tarot spreads book and trying it out soon!

Thanks again and great job!! :thumbsup:


Yeah I looked at that. That's why I made this.
I took a closer look and looks like you are right -so I´ll add this one to our Tarot Spreads Index.