Shadowscapes - Ace of Swords


A sword appears to have been thrust downward by no hand, and from the point fountains butterflies and birds. The air element. Intelligence, reason, justice, truth, clarity, perseverance according to the Shadowscapes website.

Pet Jeffery

The colours suggest to me that a storm is brewing.

Isadora Veiga

The birds and butterflies seem to be attracted to the light the sword unravels. The sword brings clarity.


this card makes me think the geese want something they have no use for, or can't handle anyways - they don't have hands to wield the sword, but its beauty somehow mesmerizes them, it makes them dance..?

so.. i guess this card makes us wonder if we can handle whatever is that we want, should we get it. perhaps, sometimes it is best NOT to get what we want = ignorance is bliss ...?