Shadowscapes Study - Two of Swords


"A stalemate, an impasse. Neither side will compromise, and so no progress can be made until one chooses to step aside. A denial of truth." -Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and Barbara Moore

The two of swords has a figure holding two swords crossed over the chest much like the RWS depiction. There is also the crescent moon in the sky. The similarities end there.

The Shadowscapes' figure is cloaked in black as opposed to white; however, the purity of white is displayed in the two large swans near the figure. I love how the figure is more androgynous than the RWS, although I realize the female figure can hark to the High Priestess that the twos are associated with.

So much is going on around the person, and trying to figure out whats going on is a bit vague and very much open to interpretation. The two swans mirror the two swords, and symbolize two potential choices in the querent's life. One of the swan is holding an orange flower, possibly a poppy (which is also in the Temperance card), and is wearing a collar of bells. What do you guys think this could mean? Its a bit puzzling but I think it could mean there's an alluring choice but it could be a trap?

The other swam is perched on a higher position and closer to a hummingbird that is pointing to a suspended heart (from a red ribbon... possibly a control of the heart?). This swan offers nothing except something in relation to the heart, perhaps integrity, love, or the control over one's own heart (or someone else's heart). I'm not to sure what the hummingbird symbolizes. It appears in the 8 of swords as well and it may be just a guide to the right path, an alternate energy/source that is better suited for a task than the swans, or a beacon of hope.

The figure is not blindfolded but I still feel the meaning of the blindfold is still present with the overall energy of the card and the upturned crescent moon.

Very intriguing card with lots of small symbols.


I guess the choices shown here are related to the heart, spirit or mind even - the heart is high above the hooded figure. The other swan and her flower and bells must indicate a choice related to the mundane, day-to-day matters. this swan is also placed somehow below the figure, on the ground.

the figure is blind in a way, because the hood covers its face enough as not to see the swans and the 2 choices.

but i don't think it is the figure who must choose, but the person arriving there, the querent. i feel the figure will step aside as soon as the traveler makes their choice.