Shopping with Faery...


Remember me to leave the Fae home next time I go out for an errand. This 'errand' left me with 1 pair of cute Faerie earrings, 4 pairs of other earrings, and almost with some furry stuff they simple wanted to have. I told them to wait till I know exactly what to do with it ;).

And I've got the book Faeries, by Brian Froud (and someone else) from the library. Can't wait to read it!

They've been bothering people around me, too, but I'll tell that an other time. Too exhausted for now...



If you get a chance to read Good Faeries/Bad Faeries do it. It is a beautiful book and gives a bit of additional insight on some of the faeries from the oracle deck. Enjoy the Faeries book!


I definately will! They didn't have it in the library, but I'll ask it for my b-day! :D