"Show Me The Money" Spread ~ Tarot or Oracle


Hi all :D

This is a short and sweet spread that was I designed for one of the Oracle reading exchanges, but is just as good for Tarot :)

"Show Me The Money!" Spread.
A little different to just wealth or prosperity, yet these elements may go hand in hand with a ‘MONEY” reading.

Position One: In what area or activity does my money (prosperity) lie.
Position Two: What do I need to do to access my money (prosperity).
Position Three: What do I need to know to keep money (prosperity) in my life.

The Base Card - the Knowing Card. This is the card at the bottom of the deck once the spread has been layed out. It represents something in relation to MONEY which the seeker is aware of - possibly their attitude to money, or current financial status.


Hope this helps :)

Elven x


Very simple and nice!


hauntingly good- yes i knew my base card, even though i didn't want to address it. What i need to do to get the money is what i suspected also, but not what i wanted to hear. Nether the less and accurate spread! Truthful!


thanks for this one -- I used it for a client today and she is very satisfied with the reading.


Just came across this one....

I love it!!!

Just what I was looking for this morning



Thankyou for trying out the spread, and the great feedback :)

I had forgotten about this spread - and need to use it again myself :laugh: