Some Late Night Fun With Fortune Cookies


Bellied up with some Chinese food tonight. :D

I ended up with 5 extra cookies. First 5 people to sit will get an automatic fortune reading.

Cookies are lined up and ready to go! Who wants one? :cool5:

1. pageofswords9110
2. Calcifer
3. zhadee
4. Saskia
5. celticnoodle


Ill sit :)


Sign me up... I could really use some good news right about now :)


Oh, do you have one for me pretty please? :D


Hello, I'd like to have a message please :)


I think I'm #5.


OKAY OKAY! :D It was so late night when I opened this that I fell asleep and totally forgot I opened this thread. I had the cookies on my night stand by my bed but when I went back to grab them to finish this thread I noticed SOMEONE in my home stole one of the cookies! :neutral: Not to worry though! I found an extra in my pantry! So.... It's meant to be! :thumbsup:

Okay.. I'll finish these up now in order. :)