Steampunk (Moore) - Page Pentacles


A long haired female appears to be in the process of opening a curtain before stepping out into a snowy climate. She holds the curtain with her right hand, and her cape with her left hand. She wears a belt with the buckle being that of an upright pentagram.
Her flight goggles are on her head (like how we wear sunglasses at times).
Her boots look sturdy and have square shaped buckles.

Again, I will raise points to consider for myself, should this appear in a reading.

** Is she about to leave the scene or enter it? How would that change the interpretation?

** How prepared is she for the elements, in this case in the form of snow?

**If she is about to go flying, what does this tell her about her confidence? Her awareness of conditions being for/against her?

**Will her boldness pay off?

This one could be difficult to correlate with the suit of pentacles. We are aware the page is often described as being "down to earth" or "learning about their enviornment".
I am not sure we are really getting that vibe with this character. I guess if we see this page as being the most ambitious we can get the link. I think it would be truly ambitious to consider travel in such conditions, but as the saying goes - fate rewards the bold hearted.