Steampunk Tarot (Moore) - 10 swords


I am working through a newly purchased tarot book, and thought I would combine the two studies.
The first cards were pages (which I will do in due course) but the first pip card was this.

A smartly dressed guy is on a roof top, pinned down by swords. He is face down, and the swords seem to be all over/ around him, as opposed to being down his spine. To one side (his left) is a closed briefcase. Under his left hand is another document (or card). As Barbara has already said, we can question if the card is setting or rising. I tend to dowse to see what applies, as it really can make a huge difference to eventual interpretation, and thus have a huge impact overall on the reading. With regards the air, it could be dusk and a little smoggy (London in Victorian times would have been), or has there been a fire? Depends on initial instinct when looking at the card in a spread I guess, and may have a bearing as to why he is on the roof of a building in this manner.

What struck me, was the fact we see no blood. And the swords look as though they have been struck into stone (I was in the thought process of sword in the stone).

Things I would ponder over in a reading:

** How significant is the fact there is no blood and what does that mean?

** How significant is the fact he is so well dressed, even in the face of being pierced in this way?

** What can be made from the positioning of the swords, compared to other depictions? (Often showing them down the spine)

** Why is he on the roof?

** The left sleeve is pierced, NOT the left hand or wrist. So he could reach that card/document so close to that hand. What difference would that make?

**If these swords were placed by another person, how would that be interpreted in a reading?

** If these swords are symbolic and indicative of events or a mindset, how would that be interpreted in a reading?

I think it would not be possible to answer these points until such time this comes up in a reading for me, but by posing the questions now, I am reminding myself to give due consideration in a reading. However, if anyone already has a view on this, please share.