Steampunk tarot (Moore) - 7 of pentacles


Here we are inside a conservatory or possibly a large greenhouse.
We cannot see outside, so the focus of this card is very much inside, and focussed on two aspects: 1) a wrought ironwork lattic showing 7 pentagrams. A well dressed gentleman sporting a nice wee moustache and goatee, is looking intently at this display. He has a notebook open (nothing written on the pages as yet) and a pen poised. He is holding the book in his right hand, and the pen in his left hand.

Elsewhere in the card, but not the main focus we see there are some vines or other climbing plant growth around the top of the latticwork. We also see two vases with daffodils, the yellow of the flower being the only real colour in the card other than the greenery from the vines.

So, going back to my usual style here:

** Is he the person responsible for the object/cultivation he is observing? If so, what would you say he was doing?

** If he is not the person responsible, how would that change your interpretation of his actions?

**What can be assume by the fact there is nothing written down as yet?

** What is the significance of the fact the pen is in his left hand, indicating he is left handed?

** Is the work complete or is there more to be done? How does this fit in with the common associations made with the 7 of coins/pentacles?

I do think the daffodils need to have a wee bit of a mention here, as it is likely they may be the aspect asking to be the focus of a reading. I did look up what it was associated with regarding symbolism, but it did not fit at all with this card so that I ignored. (Feel free to look it up for yourself though - it may make sense to you). Instead I think it may show too much focus on the form and architecture of something, and overlooking or even missing altogether, signs of just natural beauty. It may be we emphasise shape or form as being important, but if that is all we see, we risk losing out on just simple things of life which occur naturally. Hope that makes sense anyway. My partner is an electronics engineer, and he really does look for perfection, fine detail in most aspects of his life. Me?? Just seeing a butterfly outside the window makes me smile :) So we do balance each othe well. If this card came up for me, it would show I need to evaluate something with a critical eye for a change. Or just pause and take stock of what I have been working on. Maybe I should do that with this deck. Pause from typing copious notes in the study forum, and just use / enjoy the deck for a while :)