Steampunk tarot (Moore) - 7 of swords


Here we have a very identifiable image when compared to the RWS deck. We have a young blonde haired female, holding a set of swords tightly to her chest. She is walking towards the right of the card, away from what appears to be a door. There is some light mist circling around her lower body, but it does not completely cover her at all. In fact, far from it.

Above the door we see an eye, with two swords either side of the iris. The entire symbol appears to be carved in a light coloured metal (very steampunk looking).

I appreciate this card is usually associated with the issue of theft, or deceit and if that is the case - she is the unlikliest looking thief or con artist I have seen for a while :)

So, with regards the eye, this may be a reminder that her actions are not going un noticed. So if this appeared, there may be solace if the person having the reading believes they are the victim of such actions. If they are the perpetrator, they need to know they may not necessarily get away with it. The swords around the eyes show not only are their actions under scrutiny, but their motives also. Someone who is shrewd and will be able to really see the issue for what it is.

So what can we make of the mist? Well, it seems a bit half hearted, so this may be saying she is not really wanting to get away with it, or there was not a great deal of planning. Either spontaneous actions, or opportunist actions. That is backed up by her attire. She is hardly dressed covertly which you would usually expect with such a raid.

I like the look backwards. It seems almost to have regret. This may take me down the track of 'being cruel to be kind'. She may feel she has someone's interests at heart. If that applies it is nice to see there can be some positive aspects associated with this card, but if that is the case - her approach to the situation may not be the most appropriate and there is a risk of repercussions.

But if I were to go down the line of she is the 'baddie' so to speak, it shows we have to always be alert. Those who want to pull the rug from under us may well be those we usually trust, or who we would never believe capable of such actions.