Sweet Twilight - 7 of Chalices


This card is amazing! The 7 of Cups is the RSW card of Options, where all things are possible. But here we have another kind of interpretation of it. This is a Carpe Diem-card. The girl is wise and remembers Death and she knows that many things are possible in the here and now but that nothing is forever. The beach is lovely and the forest behind her grows ferns and looks very green and fertile. The girl is young,too, and her time to bloom is right now and she knows that no-one has promised her anything more than this moment.

She has a protective pendant with an eye on it around her neck.I wonder where she has got it from? Is it a sign of something special?
Six of the Chalices are real ones but the 7th is just a reflection in the water. It belongs to Death. (Ooh I like this!)
Two chalices seem to have red liquid inside or they are different than the rest.
The girl is wearing red boots and I like this detail. I think it shows she is a very strong and adventurous girl who is not afraid of anything and not afraid to face Death.

The skeleton in the water could also remind us of the polluted waters and our responsibility of that? This deck has wonderful environmental hints here and there (the World comes to mind -but there are many others,too) and this might be one? The water looks beautiful but things are not always as they seem?


I really love this card, it is so beautiful with the lush green plants and passionate red sky.

In the 2013 Oracle David Carson speculates that the way humans first became aware of their own souls was from seeing themselves reflected in bodies of water.

Self-reflection. She is thinking about her soul, her fate, her feelings. She can see down to the bones. Your bones don't change although you can wear different clothing or dye your hair, so her contemplations are revealing something real, not illusion. On the other hand emotional self-reflection can get out of hand and lead to some strange states of mind.

The card could also indicate a drinking problem, or a drug problem. I can imagine her having the freaked out horrors and thinking that the plants are going to eat her or that she's changed into a skeleton.


This is an amazing card.

I think it may be about seeing through something to its essence?


I like the way deck authors manipulate with Arcanums, encrypting them in images of their cards.

Number 7 has following hidden arcanums like:

7 Chariot
16 Tower 1+6 =7
And hidden Arcanum - 17 the Star because its last number is 7.
Then 7 of wands + 7 of coins + 7 of swords

The Tower gives false judgments and stereotypes, clichés, that a person takes over and from which to get rid of.

The Chariot gives split personality, self-doubt and self-confidence they need to cultivate in yourself.

Fully necked Star tells us about naked truth, which should not hide, because the most important thing in a person - it is his inner beauty.

7 of coins gives to 7 of cups material, physical structure when a person experiences anxiety about his or her appearance, he or she is constantly looking for support in this matter.
7 of swords gives to 7 of cups integration in society and personal life, immaturity of the human.
7 of wands is a powerful stimulant, which will move the person to changes in his live. It helps to decide in life and his desires, to choose the only one to which an individual will seek. It strengthens the will of the person.

Gathering all these features together we will got description of 7 of cups.

This Girl is look like a Star sitting at the river. She is young and inexperienced in life, she is sitting on her knees it means that she has not firm ground under her feet yet. But this girl is wearing in cloths, and only skeleton is reflected in the water. It means that she is wearing to clishes of beauty imposed by society that confuse her and give rise to self-doubt, inability to manage her live, make the right decisions without hesitation, split her personality, develops a misperception of herself and the world. it led to the situation when the person looses ones own true face and is not able to take responsibility for his life or makes wrong steps leads him to the Tower experience.
Now her task is to understand her true nature. Everything she sees is optical illusion, it is only the outer shell, which is then rot in the ground. She should understand that true development and human self-impression possible only through the expression of the higher spiritual sense.
Understanding her inner divination to the material (skeleton) and spiritual (water) parts will help her to understand herself and make her will stronger to move forward.

Astraea Aurora

Hemera, Myrrha, Aerin, I'm amazed at all the details you pick up. :thumbsup:

I want to add that in relation to the upcoming festivities of Samhain, Halloween and Día de Muertos this lovely card can describe scrying activities, like scrying with a crystal ball, a mirror and especially with water. I found this apt in a recent Halloween reading.

Astraea Aurora :)


Thank you:love: :)

Oh yes, you are right! I´ll add scrying and divination to my notebook for this card right away.


Wow! You guys have some great interpretations. I try not to read these threads until I come up with my own thoughts. Here are mine:

This came up in a reading which also included the death card today. It made me think that the woman looking at her own reflection as a skeleton is contemplating her own death.

She could be paralyzed by the thought, obsessed with it so that she can't see anything else, or she might realize that she is going to die someday and there is no point in living in fantasy. I would hope that the contemplation of our own mortality would make us more aware of the things that are important in our lives and not waste time on wishes. Perhaps in seeing our own deaths we can more clearly see what it is we want our lives to be.

So, on the one hand it could mean living your life to the fullest but on the other in could mean you're living like you are the walking dead.


I've just made a connection with the Memento Mori card in the Bohemian Gothic 2nd Edition. Except in the BG, the skull is in the eye of the card reader and not in the eye of the person looking at the mirror.


OOo. I'm going to have to take these out and look at them together.


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