Sweet Twilight- Ace of Wands


There is a huge amount of energy in this card! It is Earth energy and it´s heavy and sweet and juicy. Wands are usually Fire (sometimes Air) but this is Earth which is a bit unusual.
It is an ancient tree and the little person up in the tree is tying the branches and it looks like she is taking care of this tree. The leaves look more like maple leaves so this must be a magical tree and not just any ordinary apple tree.
Will she get to keep the apple or is it waiting for someone else? This little person would have enough to eat for the whole winter from this one huge juicy apple.
She has left her skull wand down on earth before climbing the tree. The skull wand is interesting. There are many skulls and skeletons in this deck but the 9 of Wands has a very similar skull wand. Maybe it is the same person?


The leaves on the end of the branch/ twig he or she is pulling at are brown while the others are green. Is she trying to prune so the others may grow?

Has he/ she not seen the apple because of the concentration on one small twig? It's hidden from sight so may not have been even noticed.


Does this card remind anyone else of James and the Giant Peach? That's the first thing I thought of when I saw it. it was mentioned that the figure seems to be trying to pull off the branch that has a few brown leaves, but she doesn't seem to notice the huge, ripe fruit that is so heavy it has pulled its branch to the ground.
Is this like the elephant in the room that no one talks about, or is she so busy and intent on her task that she can't see what is right there? I think this card is asking you to step back and take stock of all that you have.
Maybe she needs her wand to see clearly, or she needs to look at the tree from the vantage point of the wand.


Yes, Roald Dahl's influence is rather obvious in the Knave of Pentacles, too. It's Willy Wonka.


I thought it looked as though the apple was getting ready to roll away, and gather speed - like the peach, in James and the Giant Peach. :)