Ten of Swords and Seven of Wands


In a reading, I got that October would be a "challenging time" for myself and a new love interest. There were four cards for that month, the Wheel of Fortune, King of Swords, Ten of Swords and Seven of Wands. The person who did the reading said they relationship would not end but there would just be challenges and possibly a betrayal.

I think this could mean I think the guy is cheating or there is a rival but the guy and I get past this.

The four cards kinda scare me.


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So far, you've only told us what you--and the reader--though they meant combined. But what do you think the Wheel of fortunate means? The Knight of Wands? Why do you think it means a guy is cheating?

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Thanks for the info! I'm new here haha...

I think the wheel of fortune means these challenges need to happen for the relationship to survive, and I think the King of Swords might be the love interest- smart, logical. The 10 of swords makes me think it could be the guy is cheating or someone makes it seem like he is, but the seven of wands shows it works out after some effort.