The black and white Tarot Deck


Thank you for taking the time to do that, it is appreciated. Your work is exquisite.


Va benissimo. Mi piacciono queste carte e aspetto di vedere di più. Purtroppo, non parlo io bene l'italiano, ma il tuo inglese è eccellente.

I migliore auguri con il tuo progetto


thanks to all

hahaha, it's a good Italian, there are no errors

put a new card soon

is a long job, the problem will then print and create a real deck


I love these! I especially love that they are black and white, and that they have such beautiful details. I can't wait to see/buy the whole deck!


Wow!! These images are very beautiful and so detailed!

Will your minors be scenic or pip style?

It looks like it will be a very readable deck. :thumbsup:

That Devil card is fantastic!!


thank you

the minor arcana I have not worked but I think it will be easier and faster but not of low quality.

for example the cards 2-10 of swords I had thought to draw well one sword ... and that same sword then multiply it by the number of card

the other figures of the king, ace, horse etc ... I believe those we lose more time, but not as the major arcana


Oh I am in love with these cards!
That Devil card is perfect! He makes me laugh, but he's so dangerous.
Im so impressed. The modern persona, and very attractive (to me) faces - it has a very European style to it and I get so many impressions from the cards.

One thing I will say - Just my opinion ;) -
I would love to see the minors as pictures - but I can imagine how much work that would be - though, would you consider making a Majors deck only, once they are finished, available while you do the pips?

I love the Strength Card too.
I cant decide if your style is classic ink - retro inspired - modern. Its very unique.

Anyway, I just think they're great!