The Dark Realm of Yourself Spread


I wanted to make a dark spread that would fit with the macabre world of the Gothic Tarot by Vargo. Here it is. It can be done with any dark deck you have. I guess this spread could be adapted to fit any unique and atmospheric decks.




1 - Your Dark Soul Card - the card that represents the querent in this dark realm.

2 - Why you are here? - the reason why the querent is in this dark realm.

3 - What have you learned? - so far, in this journey of the soul, what lessons you have learned from this place.

4 - What do you still have to learn? - the lessons you still have to learn from this dark realm.

5 - What are you hiding from the others? - the aspects of yourself that you don't show to the others.

6 - What is hidden from you? - the aspects of yourself that you're not aware of; can be external from the querent.

7 - Your Dark Guardian - everyone has a guardian, and this card is the querent's dark guardian; this card somehow represent inner aspects of the querent, for sometimes the guardians went through similar issues of the querent, so they're there to teach to the querent the lessons they've learned.

8 - How does your Dark Guardian helps you? - this is the tip given by the Dark Guardian to the querent on how to deal with these issues; the Dark Guardian shows here how he/she helps the querent.

9 - How to see, and to get to, the light? - This is the ultimate advice of the reading.


What about 'what are you hiding from yourself'? I think that should be covered also, it would be things you keep locked back inside you deliberately, which really do need to be examined every so often.


" What about 'what are you hiding from yourself'? " can we call that the skeleton in the closet card...
i think I will go try this spread now, and see what comes up. I just did a "what is my relationship with the deck" for vargo reading and I cam up with the 10 of swords so I am interested in how other readings will turn out....


Yes, the question "What is hidden from you" could be "what are you hiding from yourself". The question is internal, like most of the other questions. I'm sorry if I wrote it wrong though, English is not my mother language, I wrote it the way I thought was right. But as I have added, it can be external too; I noticed it in some of the readings I did with this spread. With some persons, they have hard time recognizing that they have qualities, good aspects, because they focus too much on what goes wrong; so it can be a quality that you have (and the others might know it or not) but that you're not aware of.


I just quickly threw some cards with my RWS (only one I have right now) and here is how it looked:

1 - Death
2 - The Emperor
3 - IV Swords
4 - VI Cups
5 - III Pentacles
6 - X Pentacles
7 - II Pentacles
8 - II Wands
9 - VIII Wands

I understand cards one through 4 --> but not the remaining cards.

Perhaps due to the deck I'm using? Maybe it IS better suited to a 'darker' deck...


I love love love this spread, Wolfy. I'd love to try it. Maybe we need to have a Dark Realm of yourself readings thread!


Firemaiden, if my memory serves me right, you wanted to get the Gothic; now that you're back in America, you can easily get it at 15$, shipping included, at Monolith Graphics. You could try the spread with the deck in your pretty hands. Be tempted...

The spread is better with this deck, I agree, but I'm sure other dark decks would suffice, like the Gothic Vampire Tarot and the likes. Or again, as I said previously, adapting the spread to fairies or dragons or witches, like what is your fairy soul, why you are in fairyland, etc. Any tarot decks, even oracles (I'm thinking about the Froud's Fairies Oracle and my witches), can be used. I think this spread has a lot of possibilities.

I have read myself recently with this spread and this deck, and I've started writing down my reading. It could be a good idea to make a thread with everyone's readings. What do the others think?

Little Baron

Hi Wolfyjames.

Great spread. I would love to try it but was wondering which deck would be appropriate. In my collection, I suppose my darkest are the Rohrig, Fantastical. Pagan 2000??? Maybe even playing cards. I have a nice set of Tamara DeLempicka cards which may lend themself to this one. What do you think?


Little Baron

Just incase you were wondering, TdeL is not a tarot deck - unfortunately, but just two sets of playing cards with her paintings as a back design.

If you don't know of her work, here's a link. I have tickets for an exhibition of her work in London which I will get around to seeing at some point. Incidently, the 'Adam and Eve' painting shown on the link is the inspiration for the 'Lovers' card in the 'Light and Shadow' deck - hadn't thought of that one actually; maybe that would be dark enough; it has always given me quite dark and disturnbing answers which is why I choose to not use it so often.

I do find that playing cards generally can have a darkness about them so maybe they would be appropriate.



Thank you for the link you gave me. I've seen her paintings before, and I like them, but I didn't know who was the painter. And your right, the card The Lovers of the Light and Shadow Tarot is obviously inspired by one of her paintings. I love this deck, by the way (Light and Shadow). You can use whatever dark deck that inspire you.