The Faerie Guide card


Hey Everybody!
Has anyone drawn their Faerie guide card yet? I have been holding off on this so as to make sure I know who my guide is. What have other people done?


Hi DE,

I've drawn mine - I didn't want to because , believe me, I am no artist but he insisted. I had to do the meditation twice before I met him - the first time I had expectations - I imagined this lovely dainty faery in a beautiful dress but he's not like that at all. More one of the skinny ones - and sort of catlike features (what else). Lovely green eyes.

What I really noticed was the difference in the energy of the deck once he joined the others - it fair zings. So i would recommend doing the meditation and seeing what turns up.



I have not drawn mine but am about to start practicing drawing her ... like MoonCat I am no artist either so I am fearful of ruining my deck by doing this, but lately she is insisting in being incorporated. I imagined her sort of pixie like with dragon fly wings but in effect she is a mermaid *LOL* ... she is the one that has had me collecting mermaid post cards so I can get varied ideas in how to possibly draw her, all I know is she refuses to have a mirror and comb *LOL*. My fiance can draw really well so if I cannot make a go of it I am going to ask him to draw her (per her specifications) and then I will color her. I think it will take me a while to get her drawn because she is just now starting to speak up (persistently I might add). One iteresting message she shared with me when I was a bit shocked (with pleasure) that she was a mermaid was "why did you think we insisted on living in the blue velvet mermaid bag? and why did you think we told you mermaids were faeries too? that was your first clue as to what kind of faery I am." She is quite direct, but very friendly! She started communicating with me through half messages and not letting me see her at all ... now that she has finally revealed her form, I believe she wants to be protrayed like the mermaid on the bag they live in. I will try that and see what she has to say. If she does not like it I am sure she will speak right up.

Good luck in meeting your Faery Guide :)



I was at the Froud website last night, was kind of sleepy and remembered about this. So... I asked one of the one card questions about this and got Ekstasis. This happens to be one of my power cards! I also suspect the Frog Queen (Losgunna) as my cards wanted her kind of bag or maybe the Dark Lady who keeps peeking in on me. As I cannot draw at all I may just end up leaving the Guide card blank.


Yeah, this is a sort of dilemma for me.
I can't draw too well either, and don't want it to come out looking like some silly stick figure!


DE and MoonCat, do you guys know anyone you can trust that can draw? that is probably the approach I am going to have to take in the end, although I do plan to try on paper for a while before making that decision ...


Unfortunately...No! My friends are infinately creative musically, or with needle point and stuff, but they draw as poorly as I do! I think I'm going to practise for a while as well, and see what comes of it. Maybe my faeiry guide will teach me how to draw, beginning with themself???


Do you remember when you were a kid and you drew pictures and were so proud of your creation?

My grandaughter loves to draw and we draw faeries all the time - she thinks she's a brilliant artist and best of all she thinks I am too.

This is how the faeries want us to feel now.

This is the message I got loud and clear when I didn't want to draw my faerie. Why are you all so worried about not being able to draw - who cares ? Look at what you create with the eyes of your inner child and get rid of all that adult critic stuff.

If someone else draws your faery guide he/she will be very sad and disappointed.

Mine doesn't look quite like he's supposed to but it doesn't matter - I see him through my minds eye when I look at the card.

Just do it!!!

Faery Hugs


Mooncat2 you are absolutly correct! thank you so much for your advice. When I am ready "I" will draw my own Faerie Guide!.

DE, lets trust our Faerie Guides let them draw through our hands ... like you said ~giggles~ we might even learn to draw in the process *LOL*.


i played around with it a little, and came up with a drawing i liked well enough. i wish i could trace it onto the card, but alas the card is opaque... ! maybe i'll end up doing some sort of ink transfer or something...

as for our fear of drawing, i can't judge anyone's reticence, because i have a fear of dancing. ;) my best advice is to get some blank 3 inch x 5 inch notecards and go wild with them... i'll let y'all know if i come up with a way to transfer a finished drawing onto the card.