The Feys


I'm starting to really get a feel for the Fey - it's amazing how truly beautiful these beings are - they do not know hate and dishonesty - do they?

They seem to find the beauty in every one and every thing - they have known violence and hardship but it hasn't made them bitter - has it? They still see the joy in life - they still know where their true happiness lies.


nicely put-
I so agree with how you explain the Fey-
no matter what comes thier way they take in as it being just part of life- there is no real negitive attitude towards it {one of the reasons I don't use reversals with this deck}.
They soak in the positive and joy so much that even with the conflict they have strength....and wisdom regardless of age


I really like the Sword Feys

I do not know if I've ever posted on this aspect, but I do find them as characters somewhat heroic, resolute, somewhat sad in what they take on--a great use of symbolism and does remind me of some people who will do take the quieter, heroic route of absorbing experience and building on it...or fading into a kind of transparency at times.

Thanks for reminding me.

Mari H.


Luna - I have noticed that I haven't been reading reversals with this deck either - the fey's intentions and qualities seem to pure and innoccent to read a card as a negative quality or such; I seem to be using the reversed card more of an energy that a person needs more of in their life

Mari - I love your interpretation of the swords - I'll have to keep that in mind when I do my readings.